50 Cent: Terrero is honest with me

23 August 2012

50 Cent has revealed he likes working with Freelancers director Jessy Terrero - because he isn't afraid to criticise.

The rapper and actor - real name Curtis Jackson - has worked with Jessy on many of his music videos, and collaborated with him again on the crime drama.

Curtis, who plays a cop in the movie, told Collider that shooting rap videos with Jessy meant he "developed a comfort with his eye and his judgment of my work".

He added: "I can accept constructive criticism from him. When you have someone that you've worked with for a long period of time they can say, 'No man ... that was bulls***, 'cos you know how to do it', they can kind of pull you back when you start doing things out of habit, that feel comfortable for you."

Curtis wrote the screenplay for Gun and All Things Fall Apart, and revealed he is now working on a new "pet project".

He said of writing: "I like the story writing process. I usually use someone who has been trained for structure to take the story that I actually want and place those elements in the right places. And then I'm able to go back to it once it's set to rework the dialogue."

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