6 New Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple, and Amazon Prime movies and shows to watch this weekend

Millicent Thomas
·6-min read

Get ready for another batch of new Netflix movies and shows to devour over the weekend. This week, the streaming service's biggest release of the summer, The Old Guard, reaches Netflix, and it's one helluva action movie. Charlize Theron stars as the immortal Andy, a character whose age is unknown and who never dies.

Meanwhile, Disney Plus in the US gets two major movies – Solo: A Star Wars Story and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Apple Plus also has its first major exclusive movie: Greyhound, starring Tom Hanks. Be sure to catch it. For a closer look at everything new on streaming services this weekend, July 10, carry on below.

The Old Guard – Netflix

Available: Worldwide

The Old Guard sees Charlize Theron playing an eternal warrior who's fed up with the world. Despite her best efforts, it just keeps getting worse. Plus, due to camera phones and modern technology, it's getting harder and harder to hide her true nature from those who want to use if for nefarious purposes. Add to the mix a new immortal fighter, played by KiKi Layne, who has no idea of her true powers, and Theron's Andy is in for one wild time. 

Once you've watched the movie, head back to our site for an in-depth look at The Old Guard ending (with quotes from the director) and our piece on The Old Guard 2.

Greyhound – Apple TV Plus

Available: worldwide

Tom Hanks has past form with both war (Saving Private Ryan, Band Of Brothers) and water (Captain Phillips, Cast Away, Sully, Splash…). So it’s perhaps ironic that this World War Two sea thriller should find him playing a man of relative inexperience: US Navy Commander Ernest Krause, whose first post-Pearl Harbor assignment is to shepherd a convoy of merchant ships through a stretch of the Atlantic that’s swimming with a ‘wolfpack’ of German U-boats.

The star’s presence can be almost too reassuring for a character who’s supposed to be in his first week on the job, but the movie would be a lot less seaworthy without him. After all, he can inject gravitas into staring at a window-wiper... 

X-Men: Days of Future Past – Disney Plus

Available: US, UK

See your favourite mutants, young and old, come together for the first time in the epic X-Men: Days of Future Past. Set both far in the future and in 1973, Days of Future Past shows a world ravaged by Sentinels who hunt down mutant-kind. 

Left with few options, Professor Xavier and what’s left of the X-Men choose to send Wolverine back in time in the hopes of preventing the Sentinels ever being created by Dr Bolivar Trask. But reasoning with Mystique, who is hellbent on assassinating Trask, is easier said than done. Introducing time travel to the X-Men movie franchise made them all that much harder to piece together, but the fun never left. If you’re unsure where this fits in on the ever-changing timeline, fear not, here’s how to watch the X-Men movies in order.

Almost Famous – Amazon Prime

Available: UK

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Almost Famous is simply one of the greatest movies about music ever made. It tells the story of William Miller (Patrick Fugit), a 15-year-old high school student who dreams of being a music journalist and is given the chance to prove himself at Rolling Stone magazine. Assigned to join infamous rock band Still Water on tour in 1970s America, Will learns what being a musician is really about – and all the rock ‘n’ roll, groupies, and drinking that comes with it. Featuring a memorable supporting role from the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman and a heartfelt coming of age story, Almost Famous is not one to miss.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Disney Plus

Available: US, UK 

Time has been kind to Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Han Solo origin received a lukewarm response upon its release in 2018 but, on the back of the galaxy-spanning Rise of Skywalker, the more intimate action-adventure suddenly fits more snugly into Star Wars canon. In Solo, Han is tasked with recovering a shipment for crime boss Dryden Voss alongside a band of ragtag mercenaries. 

Happily, Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo holds up remarkably well. The (wise) decision not to mimic Harrison Ford pays off, with a Han that’s confident, sure, but not quite as cocky as he would become. The quality cast aside from Ehrenreich – from Donald Glover’s Lando, to Emilia Clarke, to Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton – all come together to enrich a movie that’s part crime drama, part heist, and one that teases out some of the more interesting overlooked aspects of Star Wars lore. So, if you haven’t given Solo a second look – now’s the chance. It’s available on Disney Plus and, though we’re unlikely to get a follow-up to that shocking cliffhanger, we can look back with some fondness on the brief period where Star Wars dared to be different.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout – Netflix

Available: UK

I’ll just say it. Mission: Impossible is the best action franchise of all time. Every few years, Tom Cruise and company effortlessly reinvent the series and push the boundaries on what can be achieved when it comes to death-defying stunts. It’s the most recent entry, Fallout, that turned Mission: Impossible from an incredibly entertaining way to spend a few hours into a more carefully crafted box-office banker that gives the likes of 007 a run for its money.

Fallout follows on from Rogue Nation, and sees Cruise’s Ethan Hunt cleaning up the remainder of villain Solomon Lane’s terrorist cell, now renamed The Apostles.That connective thread isn’t the only holdover from previous Mission: Impossibles. Ethan Hunt’s ex-wife returns, as does Tom Cruise’s penchant for putting himself in harm’s way – and legitimately breaking his ankle on film – with on-screen action sequences that have to be seen to be believed. The man literally throws himself out of a plane at 25,000 feet in Fallout. And that doesn’t even make it into the film's top three moments. That’s how good Mission: Impossible – Fallout is.