Okay, I Actually Feel Sorry For These 60 People Who Just Had A Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Worse Month Than You

If you're having the absolute worst start to 2024, just remember...

1.The person whose bathroom is completely frozen solid:

a frozen bathroom

2.The person whose screwdriver antics really screwed up their day:

a screwdriver in a floorboard
u/hecticspaghett / Via reddit.com

3.The person who got a beautiful dress for a rotisserie chicken:

They ordered a pink spangled minidress and got a micro dress
u/thatonechickennoodle / Via reddit.com

4.The person who's going to spend the next 5 to 10 years of their life reorganizing these cards:

Hundreds of trading cards from a big box spill all down a flight of stairs
u/just_huan / Via reddit.com

5.The person who learned a very valuable winter lesson:

A car covered in soda that's exploded
u/ghrarhg / Via reddit.com

6.The person who likes their books extra clean, apparently:

"I accidentally washed a book"
u/seekingssri / Via reddit.com

7.The person who at least owned up to their mistake:

A huge hole in the ceiling with "Yes, I fell through the ceiling" caption
u/rhugzie17 / Via reddit.com

8.The person who likes to sleep surrounded by chocolaty flavors:

Sheets folded in a bin and covered in cocoa powder
u/hnhgroff / Via reddit.com

9.The person who now has SOUP VISION:

A pair of glasses sits in a bowl of almost finished soup
u/kb1976 / Via reddit.com

10.The person who's about to have the most sour lunch of all time:

A person holding a lemon with caption "I packed my lunch in the dark"
u/borschtbeet / Via reddit.com

11.The person who just put up the saddest sale of all time:

A diamond ring in a case, with caption "She said no," with $2,000 crossed out and price of $1,500

12.The person whose package was hidden perfectly under a layer of snow:

A notification of a package having been delivered, with a photo of a snowy scene and no visible package accompanying it
u/accidental-like / Via reddit.com

13.The person who'd better grab themself a mop:

A store shelf caves in, with bottles all over the floor, with caption: "Before you ask: yes, it was me"
u/pitiful_loquat4090 / Via reddit.com

14.The person whose fallen lasagna is a testament to man's folly:

"Pain": A pan of lasagna fallen on the kitchen floor
u/gelfingx / Via reddit.com

15.The person whose car, much like the great Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance, is trapped in ice:

"I don't know how I'm going to get to work": Parked car is surrounded by a thick sheet of ice
u/avogadrosarmy / Via reddit.com

16.The person whose tire looks absolutely gorgeous:

"Uh...is this good?": With their reflection seen in their very smooth tire
u/anamazingredditor / Via reddit.com

17.The person who, quite simply, dropped the darn dough:

Dough spilling out of a pan to cover the shelf of an oven
u/zeeebies / Via reddit.com

18.The person whose passenger seat might be ruined, but at least it smells amazing:

"I spilled Chicken Tinga all over my car"
u/stupidsexysnoo / Via reddit.com

19.The person whose headphone is so close, yet so far:

a headphone on a train track
u/lostinthesauceband / Via reddit.com

20.The person whose vacation is about to get seriously derailed:

a piece of luggage on the tarmac
u/weblockholmes / Via reddit.com

21.The person whose cake went skydiving:

A cake that fell off a cake stand in the refrigerator
u/an303042 / Via reddit.com

22.The person who now must live out the rest of their days in the basement:

polished stairs
u/iamtaka_vg / Via reddit.com

23.The person who picked a fight with the wrong tree:

A person's car window is smashed, and a pinecone is inside the car
u/violetocelot / Via reddit.com

24.The person whose lemon is begging to be put out of its misery:

A person holds a desiccated, old lemon slice with caption "This is the lemon I was given for my drink"
u/Ok-Assistant-3391 / Via reddit.com

25.The person who made sure no one will ever be comfortable again:

A cushion with a melted portion
u/roamingtorchwick / Via reddit.com

26.The person who hasn't unlocked the path to their home yet:

"This is, well, was, the road to my house"
u/silv3rnite / Via reddit.com

27.The person who might want to throw on the heat right quick:

a car with snow inside of it
u/justconfusedinco / Via reddit.com

28.The person who got a little extra for free with their soup:

Maggots in liquid on a spoon, with caption "Found some friends in my soup!"
u/pancho_conpancho / Via reddit.com

29.The person who got a very special "Oops! All Fives" deck of cards:

A new deck of cards consists of 5 of diamond cards


u/accurateclimate4760 / Via reddit.com

30.The person who experienced a tragic kitchen avalanche:

"My ENTIRE kitchen fell"

31.The person whose sandwich is an affront to all things good and tasty:

"This is ridiculous."
u/drunkthrowawaylife / Via reddit.com

32.The person who committed the cardinal sin of slow cooking:

"Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?"
u/curiousbar348 / Via reddit.com

33.The person whose car is doing the dang stanky leg:

"I hate winter"
u/-just_q- / Via reddit.com

34.The person with the cleanest car this side of the mighty Mississipp':

"I left my window open in the car wash."
u/shankmyflank / Via reddit.com

35.The person who is witnessing incredible acts of body contortion on their plane ride:

"How do you ever think this is a good idea?"
u/i-got-some-problems / Via reddit.com

36.The person who was kind enough to share their fruit with some friends:

A cut squash with hundreds of ants in it
u/mischiefactual / Via reddit.com

37.The person whose potatoes had a little extra cronch:

"There was a rock in my frozen potatoes"
u/tmcster / Via reddit.com

38.The person whose sink shall sink no longer:

a broken sink
u/eeveemosby / Via reddit.com

39.The person who, I hope, learned a very important milkshake lesson:

"Yes, I dropped it."

40.The person who had the unthinkable happen:

"There's no pie in my pie"
u/stealthegalactea / Via reddit.com

41.The person whose omelette just got a very special ingredient:

"I hope you like glass in your omelette"
u/thanksforkeepingitreal / Via reddit.com

42.The person who is going to spend the rest of their earthly days organizing this box:

"I opened it upside down"
u/fromsky610 / Via reddit.com

43.The person whose thoughtful gift is now stuck in a tree:

a present stuck in a tree
u/impressiveapricot686 / Via reddit.com

44.The person who just invented a new flavor of oatmeal:

"The wrong one."
u/jking6765 / Via reddit.com

45.The person who did the thing:

"I spilled the beans."
u/mrmdan47 / Via reddit.com

46.The person who will be avoiding any and all open flames today:

A spider hovering over a fire blanket
u/blamesociety1 / Via reddit.com

47.The person who just ordered a plate of sticks:

"There's no cheese in my mozz sticks"

48.The person whose jeans just got a fresh, new makeover:

"I didn't know the paint was wet," with footprints on a floor surface
u/rastroboy / Via reddit.com

49.The person whose package will be in their mailbox until the end of time:

A cardboard box completely filling a mailbox
u/butterybearcheeks / Via reddit.com

50.The person who spilled black paint tastefully up and down their carpeted stairs:

Paint all over a carpeted staircase
u/guyonabuffalo88 / Via reddit.com

51.The person whose rear end is about to be experiencing subzero temperatures:

"This is my nightmare": An outhouse interior with snow
u/completefucker / Via reddit.com

52.The person who tried the oldest excuse in the book:

"Dog ate my AirPod," showing a destroyed AirPod
u/fungi_man / Via reddit.com

53.The person who'd better get a-workin' on a shelter:

"I dropped my house keys somewhere in this general area," with picture of deep snow in a large front yard
u/kent416 / Via reddit.com

54.The person whose mirror is looking minty fresh:

:I choked on some toothpaste," with the bathroom window and sink covered in a spray of debris
u/sackadelic / Via reddit.com

55.The person whose once-pristine baseboards are now forever sullied by the stew they loved the most:

"There's beef stew all over my baseboards": A pot of stew is spilled all over the kitchen floor and lower walls
u/codec3 / Via reddit.com

56.The person who's going to have to get creative about leaving their house real soon:

"I'm trapped, thanks to the delivery person": Long, thin package is leaning right up against the outside of the front door knob
u/contriv / Via reddit.com

57.The person who visited an old friend inside a pepper today:

"Oh, hi! Didn't see you there": An insect is inside a bell pepper
u/teamwhatcatswild / Via reddit.com

58.The person who was kind enough to share their skewer with some tiny, little critters:

"Look closely and you'll see why I'm sad": Close-up of a chicken nugget on a skewer with sesame seeds and little insects
u/zeja- / Via reddit.com

59.The person whose bathtub water is meddling in some dark-sided stuff:

"That doesn't look right": A bathtub with black water
u/CryptographerHot8765 / Via reddit.com

60.And the person who is going to have to Flintstones their way home:

"My gas pedal just fell off": A person holding up a gas pedal in the driver's seat

Yabba dabba dang...

u/wootybooty / Via reddit.com