65 rare photos of Queen Elizabeth with her children

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It's not *all* business for Queen Elizabeth

The 93-year-old is a queen by day, but a family woman by night. Her official duties may lie with the monarchy, but behind-the-scenes, she is very much invested in her role as a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

While the public may know her as Her Majesty -- she's the longest-serving monarch in British history -- she is known as "Gan Gan" to her great-grandchildren.

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Though her relationship with her family may be strong now, in the early years of her reign, she reportedly struggled to balance motherhood and her royal duties after becoming queen when she was 25.

Because of her responsibilities, Elizabeth chose to leave her four children at home in the care of nannies while she traveled internationally on tours. However, according to reports, the queen's favorite day of the week was the nanny's day off, which required her to assume her role as mother. 

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"When nanny Mabel was off duty, Elizabeth could kneel beside the bath, bathe her babies, read to them and put them to bed herself,"  Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip's uncle, reportedly once said.

"If I am asked what I think about family life after 25 years of marriage, I can answer with equal simplicity and conviction, I am for it," she once said about her children. 

Scroll through above to see rare photos of the queen with her children over the years. 

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