At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates How to Achieve ‘Strong, Lean Legs’ in Video

At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates How to Achieve ‘Strong, Lean Legs’ in Video
  • Denise Austin just shared her “favorite” lower-body exercises.

  • The 67-year-old demonstrated how to do a “strong and lean leg workout,” on Instagram.

  • The moves include a side lunge, an inner thigh stretch, and a “tap-and-stretch” move.

If you’re looking for an effective lower body workout, Denise Austin has you covered. The fitness pro recently shared another motivational workout video demonstrating how to do a “strong and lean leg workout.”

The 67-year-old posted the “quick but effective workout” video to Instagram to “start our week right,” she explained in the caption. “Spring is right around the corner, which means shorts, skirts, and dresses…do this great strong and lean leg workout with me and get ready to show off those legs in no time!”

“Welcome to my favorite strong, lean legs workout. You are gonna love it! So let’s just get started,” Austin says in the video while standing on her yellow yoga mat and wearing a matching yellow tank top and sneakers.

In the video, Austin explains that the first move is “for the inner and outer thighs,” gesturing to the inner and outer parts of her upper legs, “you’re gonna feel it all in here.”

To perform the move, Austin takes a wide stance on her mat and places her hands on her hips. Next, she lunges from side to side with a slight forward bend. “Lengthen those legs,” she says. “Stretch your buttocks behind you, so you’re firming up the back of your thighs and the buttocks to lift, to tone, to sculpt.” Austin also instructs her viewers to think about “good posture,” explaining that these exercises help “to burn some calories [and] firm up our legs.”

After finishing up the lunge, Austin transitions to an inner thigh stretch. She performs the stretch by following the same previous lunging motion but holds still once she moves to one side, shifting her weight onto her bent leg. “Hold it here. Stretch it out, lean it out. Flex that foot up and sit back,” she explains, before switching to the other side. “Shift your hips back so you really feel a good stretch all inside your inner thigh.”

The last exercise is a “tap and stretch” move, which she begins by turning to the side and getting into a lunge position with her arms stretched up overhead. She holds this position for a moment before sending her arms backward and bringing her back leg forward, in line with her front foot, coming to a chair position. “Really feel the length of your legs, stretch back. That’s it,” she says.

Fans appreciated Austin’s informative video. “Denise thank you for all you do, so appreciated!!!” one follower commented. “A-MAZ-ING! 😍💓” another added. “Gotta love Denise!! She knows!” another chimed in.

When you’re done trying out these incredible moves, be sure to check out some other fan-favorite workout videos from Austin below.

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