7 Romance Novels Coming Out In 2024 That Bewitched Me, Body And Soul

Is there anything better in the world than getting cozy with a steamy drink and an even steamier book? No, I really don't think so — which is why I've read over 60 romance novels in 2024 (so far).

If you're looking for a book to warm you up after a long, cold winter, here are my seven favorite romance novels coming out this spring:

1.Funny Story by Emily Henry

Book cover of "Funny Story" featuring animated characters toasting drinks

2.The Paradise Problem by Christina Lauren

The Paradise Problem is a hilarious and sexy rom-com that fans of Crazy Rich Asians and The Proposal will love. The book follows Anna Green, a struggling millennial artist who was just fired from her convenience store job after rebuffing her boss's sexual harassment, and Liam “West” Weston, an heir to one of the largest grocery store chain fortunes in the US. They entered a marriage of convenience in college so Anna could access discounted couple's housing on campus and West could fulfill the five-year marriage requirement in his grandfather's will to unlock his $100 million inheritance.The pair lose touch after West graduates, but they reunite several years later when they're forced to attend West's sister's extravagant week-long wedding on a private Indonesian island. As sparks fly and hijinx ensue, the pair realize their relationship might not be so fake after all.Christina Lauren's books are basically the gold standard for romance novels at this point, and The Paradise Problem might just be their best book yet.This title will be released on May 14, 2024. Pre-order it on Bookshop!

3.When I Think of You by Myah Ariel

Book cover of "When I Think of You" by Myah Ariel; an illustrated couple embracing with a cityscape background

4.We Could Be Heroes by Philip Ellis

The image is the book cover of "We Could Be Heroes" by Philip Ellis featuring illustrated characters on a rooftop

5.Wild Love by Elsie Silver

Book cover of "Wild Love" by Elsie Silver with quotes and mountains illustration

6.Bespelled by Laura Thalassa

Book cover of "Bewitched Book Two: Bespelled" by Laura Thalassa, featuring an enchanted forest and a dragonfly

7.Only and Forever by Chloe Liese

Book cover of "Only and Forever" by Chloe Liese, featuring an illustrated couple embracing

Make sure you check out the best romance novels of 2024 (so far)!

What are your favorite romance novels of the year so far? Share them in the comments! 📚💘