The 8 Best Nail Clippers of 2023

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The tool you need for your next at-home manicure or pedicure.

<p>Real Simple / David Hattan</p>

Real Simple / David Hattan

Reliable, precise, and easy-to-use nail clippers are essential for nail care, especially if you like to do at-home manicures and pedicures that take little time to execute. "Investing in good quality nail tools will go a long way; higher quality tools last longer," says Queenie Nguyen, a celebrity nail artist.

We spent hours researching the top nail clippers, considering each product's material, size, and blade shape. In addition to Nguyen, we spoke with Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood, to learn what qualities to look for in a quality nail clipper.

"It is important to consider the weight, size, and general shape of each tool and ensure that it is comfortable to work with," explains Hanna.

Best Overall Nail Clippers: Kohm Wide Jaw Nail Clippers

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What Stands Out

  • This multi-purpose nail clipper has an easy-to-use sharp blade.

What Could Be Improved

  • This nail clipper may not effectively address ingrown or infected nails.

The Kohm Nail Clippers are a heavy-duty nail tool offering a sleek design perfect for fingernails and toenails. Thanks to the stainless steel blades, these anti-slip clippers are antimicrobial and ultra-sharp, meaning they won't cause nailbed infections over time and will give a precise cut with each use.

We appreciate how manageable these clippers are, with features like an anti-slip grip and a longer lever with a flexible spring for better control and minimal pressure needed. These professional-grade nail clippers are perfect for anyone doing their nails at home and are worth the slightly elevated price point.

Price at time of publish: $16

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: Not listed | Edge Shape: Curved

Best Budget Nail Clippers: Revlon Compact Nail Clipper

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What Stands Out

  • This affordable nail clipper is travel-sized for convenient clipping.

What Could Be Improved

  • This pick is not ideal for thick or wide nails, like toenails.

With affordability at the forefront, these travel-sized clippers offer a stainless steel curved blade, perfect for shaping and cutting fingernails. Because they are compact, the mouth of this clipper might not accommodate thicker nails or toenails. However, what it lacks in size, the Revlon Compact Nail Clipper makes up for in cost-effectiveness and convenience. Plus, it has an etched lever to ensure you won't lose your grip while grooming your fingers.

Price at time of publish: $3

Material: Steel | Size: 5.9 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches | Edge Shape: Curved

Best Nail Clippers for Thick Nails: Seki Edge Nail Clippers

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What Stands Out

  • This clipper provides extra leverage for thick nails.

What Could Be Improved

  • It's more expensive than our other options.

The Seki Edge Nail Clippers are easily one of the highest-quality options on our list. These professional-grade nail clippers have a stainless steel blade that creates precise cuts with a curved edge. The tool is also ergonomic, thanks to a multi-leveled textured lever with a die-cast design.

The mouth of the clipper is another selling point. Its wide, 2-millimeter size eclipses other models on the market and can easily cut through thick and unruly nails on the fingers and toes. This multi-purpose, easy-to-use design makes the Seki Edge Nail Clippers a worthwhile purchase.

Price at time of publish: $18

Material: Stainless steel, alloy steel | Size: 3.54 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches | Edge Shape: Curved

Best Nail Clippers for Toenails: Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes Control Grib Toenail Clipper

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What Stands Out

  • It has a contoured handle for better control.

What Could Be Improved

  • There isn't a built-in nail file.

The Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes Control Grab Toenail Clippers is the perfect tool for getting your feet summer-ready. With a sharp and wide stainless steel blade, these clippers can easily cut through thick toenails with minimal effort or pressure on the lever.

The clippers also have a built-in nail catcher, so cleaning up after your DIY pedicure is a breeze. And, unlike other toenail clippers, which are often bulky, they are small enough for travel but large enough to ensure a firm and safe grip. While affordable and effective, this pick doesn't have an included nail file, so you'll need more than one tool to complete your at-home pedicure.

Price at time of publish: $5

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 2.81 x 6.5 x 0.84 inches | Edge Shape: Curved

Best Nail Clippers for Ingrowns: Wanmat Toenail Clipper

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What Stands Out

  • These professional nail clippers are designed to maneuver around ingrown or thick toenails.

What Could Be Improved

  • The unusual design might be hard to get used to.

If you want to get ahead of ingrown nails before they begin, the Wanmat Toe Nail Clipper for Ingrown or Thick Toenails is the best pick to have on hand.

The lightweight design is easy to hold and manipulate as you work to separate the ingrown portion of the nail from its base, while an ultra-soft grip makes usage comfortable and ergonomic. The pointed blade is stainless steel to prevent bacterial infection so long as you properly sanitize it after use. Though we love the specialty shape for tackling ingrown, unhealthy nails, it may take repeated use to get the hang of these clippers.

Price at time of publish: $10

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 6.14 x 3.74 x 0.79 inches | Edge Shape: Pointed

Best Ergonomic Nail Clippers: GlossyEnd EZ Grip 360-Degree Rotary Nail Clipper

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What Stands Out

  • The handles swivel so you don't have to deal with awkward angles.

What Could Be Improved

  • It's not as travel-friendly as other options.

The rotational design of the GlossyEnd EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary Fingernail Toenail Clipper makes this the best ergonomic nail tool on our list. The clippers have a non-slip lever so you won't have to worry about dropping them mid-use. It also has a semi-fluted bottom so your fingers can easily and comfortably grip and squeeze the tool with minimal effort.

The large yet lightweight size allows you to see more surface area of your nail, resulting in a precise cut every time. Plus, like the other options on this list, the blade is curved and stainless steel, so you can use it on your fingers and toes.

Price at time of publish: $10

Material: Stainless Steel | Size: 4 x 1 x 1 inches | Edge Shape: Curved

Best Nail Clippers With Catcher: Mr. Green Nail Clippers with Catcher

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What Stands Out

  • It has an impressively sharp edge and a catcher for all your clippings.

What Could Be Improved

  • The handle is small, and may be challenging to hold.

The clean-up post-manicure or pedicure is one of the worst parts of the task, especially when you find sharp nail clipping weeks later. So, having a nail clipper that catches all of the hard-to-retrieve nail clippings, like this option from Mr. Green, is a saving grace.

Golden and sleek, these alloy and stainless steel nail clippers are large, making them a stellar option for anyone who wants a one-and-done clipper. Plus, the ergonomic lever is comfortable to hold and maneuver. We love the incredibly sharp, curved blade edge and overbite style, which makes cutting through thicker nails a breeze. This clipper comes in four sizes, so select the appropriate size for your hands and feet.

Price at time of publish: $12

Material: Alloy steel and stainless steel | Size: 3.55 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches | Edge Shape: Curved

Best Nail Clipper Set: Tweezerman Combo Clipper Set

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Buy at

What Stands Out

  • This set is designed to tackle toenails and fingernails separately.

What Could Be Improved

  • The handles could have more grip.

The Tweezerman Combo Nail Clipper Set is a stainless steel duo of clippers ideal for anyone who wants separate clippers for their fingernails and toenails. The small clipper has a curved edge for shaping and cutting, while the large model is straight to accommodate the thicker nature of toenails. Each tool is made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean and sanitize. While the design of these clippers is undoubtedly high-quality, we wish there was a textured grip for a more secure hold.

Price at time of publish: $11

Material: Stainless steel | Size: 0.8 x 2.9 x 6.3 inches | Edge Shape: Curved

Final Verdict

The Kohm Nail Clippers for Thick Nails is our best overall pick in nail clippers for its ergonomic design and precise blade. This lightweight and stainless steel tool won't take up too much space in your nail kit, also making it travel-friendly. Plus, the mid-range price point is justified, thanks to its ability to work for fingers and toenails. If you want a more affordable option, the Revlon Compact Nail Clipper is a no-frills, travel-friendly, and functional pick.

How to Shop for Nail Clippers Like a Pro


Stainless steel is the best material for nail tools, including clippers, for its durability, ease of cleaning, and precision. "Stainless steel nail clippers tend to be rust-proof and resilient," says Queenie Nguyen, a nail artist at Nailing Hollywood. You can easily sanitize stainless steel, which is critical post-manicure or pedicure to ensure your tools stay sanitary and don't generate infections on your nails. While other materials can complete the tool, for example, additional padding on the handles to ensure a firm grip, the blade should be stainless steel. It will also result in a more precise cut of the nail.

Size and Shape

"Since everyone's hands are shaped differently, it's important to pick a tool that feels comfortable to work with," says Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood. Smaller clippers with curved blades are ideal for fingernails, while large clippers are better suited to tackle toenails.

Consider your nail shape, size, and thickness and consider whether you want a versatile tool for all your nail care or one specific tool to target an area like unruly ingrown or thick toenails. Opting for multi-packs with various sizes of clippers can ensure you have a tool that is easy to use and quickly trims long or unruly nails.


Nail clippers with a longer lever, gripped padding, and extra surface area on the handle make it easier to trim your nails. Avoid nail clippers that are too small and do not provide a lightweight, easy-to-grip hold or enough leverage to ensure you can safely and effectively cut your nails.

Questions You Might Ask

How can you tell when it’s time to replace your nail clippers?

You should replace your clippers if you need to apply additional force for a sharp or effective cut. "Dull clippers can cause tears and cracks in your nails—if you find that your clippers are not giving you a clean cut, it's time for a new pair," says Hanna.

Nguyen agrees, adding that it’s "also good to check if the nail clippers are rusty and dirty." An unsanitized tool can result in issues like nail infections, which can be reoccurring and difficult to treat.

What nail clippers do podiatrists use?

Podiatrists often use thick tools to effectively penetrate the nail bed and safely work their way into thicker nails or areas of infection to remove any areas of concern.

"They look similar to a pair of pliers and have a sharp, curved blade," says Nguyen. Compared to clippers used by nail artists, technicians, and the general public, medical-quality clippers are large, have added grip, and come at a higher price point.

Is there a difference between toenail clippers and fingernail clippers?

While you can use a pair of reliable nail clippers on both your fingernails and toenails, it is common to see petite nail clippers with curved edges used on fingernails. These clippers allow for more precision as the surface area for most fingernails is smaller and more delicate than toenails.

Alternatively, toenail clippers typically feature thicker blades to cut through the denser nail, offer extended levers to ensure a clean cut, and usually feature a straight edge. Still, you can use your clippers interchangeably depending on what tools you have at home and the thickness of your nails.

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Samantha Parsons, a beauty industry veteran and writer with experience in the cosmetics, skin, and wellness industries. She researched countless sites and brands to find the best nail clippers, considering size, material, and ease of use. She also spoke to Queenie Nguyen, a nail artist at Nailing Hollywood, and Mazz Hanna, CEO of Nailing Hollywood, for their expert insight on finding the best nail clippers.

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