9-1-1′s Explosive Premiere Continues: Who Didn’t Survive Part 2?

With the pirates now aboard Bobby and Athena’s cruise ship, Thursday’s episode of 9-1-1 saw the couple’s honeymoon go from bad to worse to underwater, as the premiere trilogy claimed its first (named) victim.

It all began with the terrorists demanding that Norman hand over his “dongle,” a very specific word that was used approximately 75 times in this single conversation. And just when we thought we’d heard the word in every possible iteration, Athena turned to the head hijacker and declared, in that booming Angela Bassett voice, “He doesn’t have any damn dongle!”

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Athena then used her keen observation skills to deduce that Julian, the stunningly handsome cruise director with the best head of hair on network television, was the real villain. What’s more, he had seduced Norman’s wife Lola into working as his go-between!

From this point on, things actually went relatively smoothly: Julian handed over the dongle (ugh) and the pirates went on their merry way. Sure, they left Norman bleeding out on a casino table while a devastating hurricane barreled towards the ship, but that’s why we said “relatively smoothly.”

OK, let’s see now… Terrorists? Check. Hurricane? Check. What’s left? Ah yes, an egregious explosion! One of the crew members, Chief Communication Engineer Scott Westin (RIP!) discovered an explosive device in the bowels of the ship, where he quickly met a brutal demise. Bobby and Athena also nearly drowned together at one point, but they were rescued with seconds to spare by Julian, whose hair somehow looks even better soaking wet.

Most of the cruise guests were able to escape via lifeboats, but there was one more surprise left for those still on board: A massive wave hit the ship in the episode’s final moments, flipping the vessel and plunging the survivors into absolute chaos. Part 3 should be fun!

Back on land, the 118 faced an explosive situation of their own when Hen made a questionable call at the scene of an accident, opting not to thoroughly examine an apparent drunk who was later pronounced dead of a traumatic brain injury. To make the situation even more complicated, the guy just so happened to be the son of a councilwoman.

Hen was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing when the toxicology report confirmed that the deceased was under multiple influences, but the fact that she didn’t have the support of her fellow first responders makes us wonder if the incident won’t have further repercussions for the 118.

OK, let’s talk: Are you enjoying Bobby and Athena’s adventures on the high seas? How are we feeling as we head into next week’s conclusion? Grade Part 2 in our poll below, then drop a comment with your review of 9-1-1 Season 7 thus far.

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