“90 Day Fiancé” Stars Ogle Strippers, Shotgun Beers and Let the Tears Flow at 2 Wild Bachelorette Parties

Sunday's episode of the TLC series featured festivities for couples Ashley and Manuel and Clayton and Anali — one of which involved a bride-to-be cheering on her man's lap dance



A couple of90 Day Fiancé couples had one last wild night on Sunday’s episode.

While spouses-to-be Ashley and Manuel had a joint bash, Clayton and Anali enjoyed separate bachelorette and bachelor parties. And it’s safe to say things got a little frisky for one pair.

While Anali went out for a “movie night” with Clayton’s skeptical sister Brandi and her friends, Clayton began his night of festivities by welcoming one close friend to his home.

Clayton had one rule for his future wife: “No strippers.” But Anali’s previous joke about having strippers didn’t go unnoticed, and Brandi came through when the girls climbed on a party bus and were joined by an “officer.”

“Immigration?” Anali asked.

But this fellow was much kinder — much more scantily clad.

“If you’re gonna ask for strippers, you’re gonna get strippers...,” Brandi said in an interview. "I think Anali is going to be happy because the only thing she can say in English is ‘a stripper.’”

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<p>TLC</p> Brandi and Anali celebrate her Bachelorette party on a party bus.


Brandi and Anali celebrate her Bachelorette party on a party bus.

The women snapped selfies as the dancer entertained them all evening. “I was really kidding when I said, 'Brandi, can there be strippers?'" Anali said. "And I covered Clayton’s ears because I never thought it was going to happen. So, it really surprised me when... wow."

She did admit, “I know Clayton said no strippers, so I know this might really cause problems, but I’m so happy that Brandi organized this and we can enjoy this moment with her friends.”

Later on, the ladies headed back to Brandi’s house and had a bit of a heart to heart. “I think with Brandi, we’re not best friends yet, but I would like to have a better relationship with Brandi in the future, perhaps we could be sisters,” Anali confessed.

Brandi had a different motive. “This is the first time I’ve been with Anali alone and I’m really just interested in getting her drunk and finding out who she really is because drunk words are sober thoughts,” she revealed.

From there, the girls talked about Clayton’s intense bond with his mom. “Clayton and my mom have always lived together,” Brandi said. "It’s actually disturbing, they will not leave each other’s side ... mark my word. Check back in a year, they will still be living together." 

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<p>TLC</p> Anali learns how to shotgun a beer.


Anali learns how to shotgun a beer.

By the end of the night the girls seemed to realize they have the same intentions for Clayton — to help him grow independence and set boundaries. Brandi and her friends even taught Anali how to shotgun a beer — something they called an American tradition.

Clayton’s preferred to stay closer to home for his one-on-one bachelor party, which mostly consisted of swimming in his indoor pool together and playing video games.

His friend acknowledged in an interview that “a typical bachelor party usually has a lot more people, some fun games involved, a little bit of raunchiness, little bit of drinking, little bit of drugs. But this is Clayton, so this is how it goes.”

He put it bluntly to Clayton: “Bro I’m gonna be honest, this is the weirdest bachelor party I’ve ever been to.”

“I didn’t ask, plus ratio, plus L,” Clayton responded.

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On the much wilder end of the spectrum, Ashley’s friends had put together a weekend away for her and Manuel that included a rental home, a day on a yacht and, of course, strippers.

Manuel was honored to be included in the celebration, even though Ashley’s friends have their concerns about his intentions. “This is something very beautiful, as much for Ashley as for myself,” he told cameras in Spanish. “Especially since my family is so far away and they can’t be here. They don’t know me that well, but they’re showing me that care and love. I feel really happy about that.”

Manuel even became emotional while the group spent time on the boat. Sitting alone and beginning to cry, he said, “I’m enjoying myself. I’m having a great time, and there comes a moment when I think why so much joy and happiness if the people I want to share it with aren’t here?”



“I wish my kids were here,” he tearfully told Ashley when she arrived to comfort him. “The only ones I’d like to celebrate with are the people that really love me. That’s my family — my mom, my siblings, my sons. I really miss them. But oh well, here I am.”

Ashley explained why her husband-to-be was feeling down in an interview: “Manuel is a family man through and through. It pains me to see him sad and frustrated. It’s his wedding, and the people he loves the most can’t be here. It’s tough.”

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<p>TLC</p> Manuel tried to call his loved ones in an emotional moment during the joint party.


Manuel tried to call his loved ones in an emotional moment during the joint party.

In hopes of lightening the mood, Ashley and the group brought Manuel to a swanky strip club where he got some undivided attention from two women.

“When it comes to North American traditions, I know absolutely nothing. I’m a novice here,” Manuel said. “I’ve always said I’m an 'angel of God.' I don’t do anything wrong.”

As the women danced in front of him, Ashley hyped the ladies up: “You look amazing girl, get it honey!”

She said in an interview, “This is exactly what Manuel needed. He needed a change of pace, he needed a breath of fresh air. He needed to remember how fun his future wife is, too.”

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