A Back To The Future Reunion Is Happening

In what’s probably about as close to a ‘Back To The Future’ sequel as we will ever see, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson will reunite at the Silicon Valley Comic Con next month.

Held at the San Jose Convention Center between March 18 and 20, the event will have a special section dedicated to the beloved franchise, which will include a panel, photo opportunities, and special signings.

Entertainment Weekly have confirmed that three of the franchises leading starts will now be in attendance, with Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in the series, releasing a statement that explained why the convention was the perfect spot for the trio to reconcile and talk about the film.

“I wanted to be a part of Silicon Valley Comic Con because for me this show highlights what the Valley has meant to science, technology, and innovation,” Lloyd explained.

“[SVCC] encapsulates what ‘Back To The Future’ is about and much of what seems to be such a strong bond for many fans of the film and why it still lives in their imaginations.”

On October 21, 2015, ‘Back To The Future’ was once again front and centre in the pop culture consciousness as it was the day in the sequel when Doc and Marty arrived in the future.

This immediately led to the internet complaining just how plain and dull the actual 2015 was in comparison to Back To The Future’s. A point that’s impossible to argue because of our lack of hoverboards.

Still no word on whether writer Bob Gale, director Robert Zemeckis, or co-star Thomas F. Wilson will be in attendance. But it’s safe to say that Crispin Glover’s invitation got lost somewhere between 1955 and now.

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