A 'Gay Kiss' Was Removed From The Legend Of Tarzan


With his top off and that rippled six-pack, you perhaps couldn’t blame Christoph Waltz’s Captain Leon Rom if he went in for a snog.

And he did, according to director David Yates, but the resulting pash was eventually removed from the final movie.

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Waltz’s corrupt Belgian captain is the antagonist to Alexander Skarsgård’s John Clayton III, Lord Greystoke – or Tarzan as he’s better known.

And the kiss occurred while Skarsgård’s Tarzan is unconscious, Rom standing over him.

“We pared it back because it was almost too much. It was this really odd, odd moment when Christoph kisses him,” Yates told The Times.

“We loved it at the time. But early test audiences were perplexed by it and in the end it just felt too clever and overworked.”

Rom then tells Jane, Lady Greystoke, played by Margot Robbie: “Your husband’s wildness disturbs me more than I can even express.”


Other more risque scenes, between Tarzan and Jane, were also trimmed by Yates, he admits.

“I liked the idea that they could have great sex, and that it could get quite primal,” he added.

“The cut we ended up with was more muted, and more sensual instead, even though we did touch upon those primal desires.”

The movie is out now across the UK.

Image credits: Warner Bros