Aaron Sorkin Reveals His Rather Magnificent Pixar Pitch

Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Steve Jobs’ is almost upon us. And while the un-formulaic biopic takes an uncompromising look at the Apple genius there is one aspect of Jobs’ life and career that is left out of the film; his work with Pixar.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Sorkin revealed that Steve Jobs actually approached the writer to scribe a Pixar film back in the early 1990s.

But ‘The West Wing’, ‘The Social Network’, and ‘Sports Night’ writer admitted that he was never overly confident about being able to pen a script for the animated studio.

Sorkin recalled, “What I said rather glibly to Steve (Jobs) when he asked me to write a Pixar movie was, ‘I don’t think I’m able to make an inanimate object talk.”

Sorkin then revealed that this provoked Steve Jobs to respond rather perfectly. “[Steve Jobs] said, ‘Once you make it talk, it’s no longer inanimate, now is it Aaron?”

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But while Sorkin insisted that his apparent “limited” imagination would only result in his Pixar film being rather rudimentary, he did admit that he had one idea he’d consider for the studio.

“What I was thinking about was everything we use to write: papers, laptops, those things,” Sorkin explained. “The writer, he’d be a secondary character. All these objects you’d find in an office (would come to life).”

Aaron Sorkin added that the idea for his Pixar film actually comes from an old joke about a screenwriter who hasn’t been able to write anything for a year and is experiencing terrible writer’s block. I’ll let the Academy Award winning writer tell the joke in all of its glory …

“One day he comes down to his kitchen and right there on the table is a screenplay, and it’s got his name on it.

He reads the screenplay, and it’s fantastic, and he takes it to the studio, and they really like it, and straight away say, ‘We’re going to make this movie! Here’s your cheque!’

The next morning, the writer goes down to his kitchen and there’s another screenplay with his name on it. He reads it and it’s also fantastic, so he takes it to the studio, and the same thing happens.

So finally, the next night, the writer decides to tip toe downstairs in the middle of the night to see what is going on.

Sure enough, there’s a little leprechaun in his house, typing away, and the writer says, 'I don’t know how to thank you! You’ve saved my life! You’ve revived my career! I’m celebrated! I can pay my mortgage! I’m so happy - is there anything I can do to repay you?’

And the leprechaun says, 'Well, it would be great if you could share screenwriting credit with me…’ So the writer says, 'Go f*** yourself.”

Sorkin admitted that, basically, his Pixar film would replace the leprechaun with inanimate objects from an office. Unfortunately there’s just one problem: he doesn’t have a second or third act for his potential film.

Still, I think there’s enough there for Sorkin die-hards to grab hold of and now start dreaming that he will actually sit down and write the above outline. And surely Pixar would immediately accept it. I mean, it can’t be any worse than ‘Cars 2.’

Those of you looking for your Aaron Sorkin fix can either instantly watch an episode of ‘The West Wing’, or wait for ‘Steve Jobs’ to be released into UK cinemas on November 13.

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[Images via Sony & Disney Pixar]