Actress Emily Watson says she ‘loves being in Glasgow’

Actress Emily Watson has talked about her excitement at being at Glasgow Film Festival.

She attended the red carpet at the festival on Thursday at the UK premiere of her new film, God’s Creatures.

Emily Watson and Shane Crowley
Emily Watson and writer Shane Crowley on the red carpet (Emma Lawson/PA)

The psychological drama directed by Saela Davis and Anna Holmer tells the story of a mother, Aileen O’Hara, played by Emily Watson, who tells a lie for her son that rips apart their family and the Irish town that they live in, and causes a huge emotional conflict.

Watson, 56, has starred in films such as War Horse, Anna Karenina and the award-winning The Theory Of Everything.

She said she “loved Glasgow” but found it a “bit chilly” on the red carpet at Glasgow Film Theatre.

Ms Watson was joined by Shane Crowley, who wrote the film.

She added: “I’m trying to remember if it’s my first time here. I think I had been before. I think it was a long time ago.

“This has been one of the great experiences of my career making this film and it’s close to my heart and I love it and I’m very very proud of it.

“It’s a very difficult character that I play, it’s very emotional, very conflicted, sad, but a film with a lot of emotion and moral conflicts.

“It was immediate from reading it, I thought my goodness, it’s so authentic.

“I love filming in Ireland for it. We filmed during lockdown at Donegal, it was this beautiful magical place.”

The drama, also starring Paul Mescal and Aisling Franciosi, had its world premiere at Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes in May last year and will be released in UK cinemas on March 31.

The film is premiering as part of the annual Glasgow Film Festival, which takes place from Wednesday until Sunday March 12.