Adam Driver Joins Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

He’s already taken a major role in the revival of the biggest movie franchise ever - and now, Adam Driver has joined the film that refuses to die.

Twitch report that the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ actor has signed on to appear in Terry Gilliam’s long (and we mean long) in development ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.’

It seems Driver will appear as “Toby, a once idealistic young film student who has turned into an arrogant publicist, libidinous and jaded, comes across a copy of his old student film based on Don Quixote.”

On returning to the location where he shot the film, he encounters a real life Don Quixote, to be played by Gilliam’s fellow ex-Monty Python Michael Palin.

For the benefit of the uninitiated, this loose modernisation of the classic novel by Miguel de Cervantes is a project that Gilliam has been trying to get made for decades, and his bad luck on the project has been legendary.

Gilliam’s most notorious failure to get ‘Don Quixote’ filmed was chronicled in documentary ‘Lost in La Mancha,’ shot behind the scenes when the film began production in Spain in 2000, with Johnny Depp in the role of Toby and Jean Rochefort as Don Quixote.

However, production was abandoned after only a few days of filming due to various financial issues, and Rochefort’s poor health.

Gilliam has attempted to get the film in motion again several more times, with Robert Duvall and Ewan McGregor, then John Hurt and Jack O’Connell attached to star.

If ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ does indeed get off the ground this time with this cast - let’s hope so - it will be Michael Palin’s first film role (outside of voice work) since 1997′s ‘Fierce Creatures.’

It will also be the fourth time Palin has acted for Gilliam, their other non-Python collaborations being ‘Jabberwocky,’ ‘Time Bandits’ and ‘Brazil.’

Driver, meanwhile, has followed up ‘The Force Awakens’ with ‘Midnight Special.’ He will of course be seen next year in ‘Star Wars Episode VIII,’ currently in production.

Picture Credit: WENN

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