Adam Driver rules out fan theory about new dinosaur movie 65

Adam Driver has weighed in on a fan theory about his latest film, sci-fi dino-drama 65, in an exclusive chat with Digital Spy.

The Star Wars actor plays the lead in the film from directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods and produced by Doctor Strange 2's Sam Raimi and Deborah Liebling.

Driver, next to be seen in the titular role in biopic Ferrari, plays pilot Mills, crashing on an unknown planet which he quickly discovers to be Earth 65 million years ago. Despite the plot lends itself to some time-travelling speculation, the Girls star ruled out any temporal shenanigans.

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"There's no time travel, but telling a world that existed parallel 65 million years ago, it seemed like a really big concept movie with just enough room to do something emotional and family-oriented about two people who had lost each other," the actor said.

Driver also recalled what drew him to the script penned by Becks and Wood, which he first received in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

"When I got it, it was in the midst of Covid and the theme was really moving to me," he explained.

adam driver, 65
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adam driver, ariana greenblatt, 65
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"It's nice to do something big that a lot of people can go to where a major theme about it is that we're all experiencing this thing and come from completely different parts of the world and different times in our lives, and we're having to face this thing that no one is really prepared for.

"So the metaphor was obvious, but I always liked movies of all sorts of budgets and all sizes – that, to me, is what cinema is. This seemed unique and weird."

Alongside Driver, 65 also stars Ariana Greenblatt as Koa, another survivor Mills befriends in his quest to make it out of Earth alive.

65 is due for release in US and UK cinemas on March 10, 2023.

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