Adam Driver shares sweet reason he took on new dino movie 65

Adam Driver has explained what first drew him to be in dino-drama 65 in a chat with Digital Spy – and the reason speaks directly to the hearts of cinema lovers.

The actor, who will also star in biopic Ferrari, plays pilot Mills, crashing on an unknown planet which he discovers being Earth... 65 million years ago. On his interplanetary journey, he encounters fellow survivor Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) and the two team up to fend off enemies.

The Kylo Ren actor admitted liking the idea of families flocking to their local theatres to watch the film.

adam driver, 65
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"It's an hour and 30 minutes, you can watch it with your kids in the theatre which I think was important to me at the time to be involved in things like that," he said.

"I love when a whole family can watch something in the theatre. Some of the best moments that I have was watching [films] with my folks."

He was drawn by the family-friendly appeal of the film, a "movie that anybody could watch" with "dinosaurs and laser guns in it".

"I mean, come on," Driver added.

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The actor also revealed the film was initially looking to play out a little differently.

"When we were shooting it, they originally wanted to make a big Hollywood movie on the theme of death which I thought was a morbid way of putting it," he said.

Driver, whose credits include big franchise roles and indie films, also reiterated the importance of movies "of all sorts of budgets and sizes" when discussing 65's message of unity in troubling times.

"The metaphor was obvious, but I always liked movies of all sorts of budgets and all sizes, that to me is what cinema is," he said. "This seemed unique and weird."

65 is due for release in US and UK cinemas on March 10, 2023.

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