Adam Sandler named Hollywood's best-paid actor over Margot Robbie

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Adam Sandler named Hollywood's best-paid actorDominique Charriau - Getty Images

Adam Sandler was officially the highest-paid Hollywood actor of 2023.

Forbes reported enormous earnings of £57.3 million for the Spaceman star last year, compared to Margot Robbie's £46.3m, Tom Cruise's £35.3m, and Jennifer Aniston's £33m.

Although 44 stand-up comedy dates across the US did contribute to Sandler's record wages, his financial success was predominantly down to Netflix sequel Murder Mystery 2, which also featured Aniston in the cast.

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Robbie has both the billion-dollar box office beast Barbie and Saltburn to thank for her 2023 earnings; producing the two titles through her LuckyChap Entertainment banner while playing the eponymous doll in the former.

The Australian actress recently addressed Barbie's final line in the movie, which sees her, having transformed from a Barbie Land character into a sentient human, telling someone in an office she's "here to see my gynaecologist".

"The gynaecologist line is always the one that I'm waiting for people's reaction because it takes a second," Robbie told Variety.

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Warner Bros.

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"Like, you hear it and then your brain catches up and understands: 'Oh, she has a vagina now.' There's not one voice at the studio and one voice at Mattel, so some people are like: 'It's brilliant. Let's do it,' and other people are like: 'I'm terrified. What if kids are screaming the word 'Gynaecologist!' and asking their parents what that means?'.

"And I was like: 'That could be the best thing to come out of this, is little kids asking what a gynaecologist is and learning that early on.' That's really our gift to the world."

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