Adam Sandler’s Spaceman Trailer Sees Him Talking To A… Space Spider?

 Adam Sandler in Spaceman trailer.
Adam Sandler in Spaceman trailer.

Adam Sandler still focuses his career on the silly style of comedy that made him famous, but the man isn't afraid to try different things, and he has shown he's more than capable of playing just about any role. Sandler's dramatic work is the stuff that Oscar snubs are made of, and his new Netflix movie, Spaceman looks to be another more serious endeavor-- even if the premise is just as wild as anything Sandler has ever done.

The trailer for Adam Sandler's newest Netflix project Spaceman is here, and it sees the actor as an Astronaut who is engaged in a long-term solo space mission. The exact reason for it isn't made clear in the trailer, but it doesn't appear the movie is about that. Instead, it's the story of a man and the life he left behind. And also the story of the giant human-sized spider that becomes the spaceman's only companion. Check out the trailer above.

I'm not sure what it means when you start hallucinating giant spiders. At least, I'm assuming, as the character certainly does, that what he's seeing isn't real. But like the space mission itself, I'm not sure whether or not the spider that speaks English is real or not is the point. It's a way for the lonely man to be less lonely, and seemingly interrogate his own life. What he'll find in doing so, is the real journey.

Spaceman co-stars Carey Mulligan, who may end up coming into this movie with an Oscar. The actress has been receiving rave reviews for her role in another Netflix movie, Bradley Cooper's Maestro. Mulligan plays the wife of Sandler's character, who has been left behind. There are clearly some unresolved issues there, which would seem to make up the heart of the story. Paul Dano appears as the voice of the uninvited guest.

Adam Sandler has shown he's more than capable when it comes to character dramas where he has to shoulder most of the load. Despite the sci-fi premise of Spaceman, the movie seems much more focused on the life the man left behind on Earth. While the majority of the movies in Adam Sandler's ongoing Netflix relationship are the ridiculous comedies that fans love, we've seen the occasional shift to something more serious which, if nothing else, keeps things interesting.

If it gives the sort of performance we know Adam Sandler is capable of, we could in for something quite special here. While it's coming out early in 2024, Spaceman already feels like it could end up being one of the best sci-fi movies of the year. It's got an incredible cast, an interesting premise, and a giant t spider, and every movie is made better with a giant spider, right?