Adam Sandler Film Makes Just £13,000 At US Box Office

Adam Sandler’s run of bad luck at the box office shows no signs of stopping after his new film ‘The Cobbler’ suffered a spectacular flop in the US over the weekend.

According to industry insiders, his new film only took somewhere between $20,000-$23,000 (£14k-£16k) at the box office after opening on Friday. Official figures are currently unknown as the film’s distributor REJ Entertainment failed to report numbers to Rentrak, the movie industry’s official box office database.

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Movie blog AV Club published an article asking whether ‘The Cobbler’ even made it to any cinemas saying they’d heard that the distributor “cancelled the theatrical release at the last minute”, but a contradictory report suggests it did get a theatrical release but only at 17-20 cinemas.

If the $20,000-$23,000 box office result is to be believed, it would make ‘The Cobbler’ - with its reported $10m budget - the biggest flop of Sandler’s career by some margin. His last film ‘Men, Women & Children’ also tanked at the box office, taking just $2m against a reported $16m budget.

‘The Cobbler’ sees Sandler playing a shoe-maker who finds a magical sewing machine in his New York shop. It gives him the power to inhabit the lives and bodies of any shoe’s owners, leading to ‘Quantum Leap’-style japes.

It’s no surprise people stayed away from ‘The Cobbler’ following the drubbing it received from critics. Peter Travers, renowned film writer at Rolling Stone magazine, called it “a toxic smear of curdled whimsy”, adding “the film is beyond awful and beyond repair.”

‘The Cobbler’ will open in UK cinemas on 22 May.

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Image credits: eOne