Adding Oil Before Roasting Bell Peppers Makes For Bolder Flavors

roasted bell peppers on tray
roasted bell peppers on tray - Nataliia Sirobaba/Getty Images

Yellow, red, green, or orange -- bell peppers inherently come with options. Yet no matter your preferred shade of pepper, roasting is an easy and delicious way to enjoy the vegetables, whether you do so on the stove, the grill, or in the oven. Pick your preferred form of heat -- then pick up a bottle of oil.

Adding oil to bell peppers prior to roasting them boosts both their flavor and texture -- and in more ways than one. If you're planning on adding seasoning to your peppers, the oil essentially acts as a protective coating; it helps your additions adhere to your peppers, thereby retaining more flavor. Generally, you'll want to choose an oil that's mild in flavor so your seasonings can fully shine. Olive oil and avocado oil do the job well, as does melted butter. All you need is that slippery coating, and you'll prime your peppers for your spices.

As for what seasonings to sprinkle over that oil? The choice is always yours, though there are a few easy starting points certain to complement your peppers.

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Oil-Roasted Peppers Retain Flavor For All Kinds Of Recipes

Baking tray with pepperes
Baking tray with pepperes - Nataliia Sirobaba/Shutterstock

Bell peppers seem like a simple vegetable, but once you add your choice of flavoring, they'll pack more than their share of flavor. Granted, there are all kinds of unique ways to season bell peppers that don't require any oil whatsoever. Think: Maple syrup and cheese or spicy peanut sauce. However, peppers coated in oil present a blank canvas for all of your favorite flavors and spices. So, rack your cabinets, and get to sprinkling.

Need a starting point? Go all in on the pepper theme, and sprinkle some red pepper flakes over your dish. Garlic powder and oregano likewise do the job. Meanwhile, other herbs up the ante. Try thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary, or cilantro -- or some combination of the options. Of course, if you don't have much on hand, good old salt and pepper always do the trick.

You also don't have to follow any one order of operations; you can alternatively mix your oil with your spices prior to drizzling anything on your peppers. Or, go ahead and toss those veggies in both oil and balsamic vinegar for a different flavor profile. What easier weeknight meal than roasted red peppers, shiny and crispy with oil, and packing flavor in every bite?

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