Adorably grumpy 2-year-old expresses his feelings perfectly clearly: ‘I’m in a bad mood’

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This precocious toddler wasn’t afraid to admit he was “in his feelings” over some recent events.

TikTok mom @gabriellaarfman’s 2-year-old son Jalijah has a jam-packed vocabulary. The way he expresses how he feels so clearly may even give a few grownups a run for their money. In a viral clip, the little guy was stewing in his emotions days after an incident.

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“I’m really frustrated,” he told his mother, who was gently patting his head. “I’m really mad right now. I’m in a bad mood.”

“You’re in a bad mood?” the mom replied. “Do you want me to leave you alone?”

“No,” he said, “because Kenzel just pushed me! Kenzel pushed me!”

But it turns out what happened between him and Kenzel occurred days before, and Jalijah was just still down bad about it.

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“Jalijah randomly in his feelings over something that happened three days ago,” the mom wrote in a caption.

The adorable video received 6.6 million views and 1.2 million likes.

“The way he is expressing his feelings loud and clear! What a smart boy,” a user said.

“I feel you. I always think about situations and get mad all over again,” someone added.

“This baby has more emotional intelligence than most grown men I work with. You’re doing awesome, mom!” another wrote.

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