Who Is Adrian Grenier's Wife? All About Jordan Roemmele

Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele have been romantically linked since 2017

<p>Adrian Grenier Instagram</p> Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele.

Adrian Grenier Instagram

Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele.

Adrian Grenier and his wife, Jordan Roemmele, have been married since 2022.

The actor has been gracing TV and movie screens since the late 1990s. He first became a household name when he played Chase Hammond in Drive Me Crazy. Since then, he’s played dozens of parts, including Vincent Chase on the hit HBO show Entourage and Andi Sach’s boyfriend Nate in The Devil Wears Prada. Most recently he starred in the Netflix thriller Clickbait.

But despite Grenier's high-profile career, the actor has kept his relationship with wife Roemmele fairly private. The couple were first linked in 2017. They wed in 2022 and welcomed their child, a son, in June 2023.

Here's everything to know about Adrian Grenier's wife, Jordan Roemmele.

She and Grenier were first linked in 2017

<p>Cydney Cosette/Shutterstock </p> Adrian Grenier and Jordan Grenier pose for photos before the birth of their son.

Cydney Cosette/Shutterstock

Adrian Grenier and Jordan Grenier pose for photos before the birth of their son.

Roemmele and the actor have kept a relatively low profile when it comes to their relationship. They were first spotted together in 2017, but rarely attend public events together, and they don’t discuss their relationship often.

The two made their social media debut in December 2020, when Grenier posted a photo of himself on Instagram with Roemmele in the background He wrote in his caption, “At peace these days.”

Roemmele has appeared on Greiner's Instagram here and there since then,, but they mostly keep their relationship to themselves.

She’s going to school for acupuncture

During Greiner's 2021 interview with City Lifestyle, he mentioned that the couple wanted to find somewhere to live that was close enough to a city for his significant other to go to school. “She’s going to school for acupuncture, so trying to build a house while we lived in a camper indefinitely was not going to work for her," Greinier said.

“So we ended up looking for a home – and fell in love with this place which is just far enough out of Austin for us to have the nature we were looking for, but still close enough for her to have access to school,” he further explained.

She loves to travel and does it often

Roemmele’s Instagram feed is flooded with photos from all around the world. In May 2021 she posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, “I dread answering the question ‘where are you from?’, not because it’s unreasonable but because it’s long and complicated. Does anyone want to take a guess at all the places I’ve lived?”

Based on her social media account, her travels include stops in Portugal, New Zealand and Australia. She also attended Burning Man back in 2019.

They live on a farm in Austin, Texas

<p>Adrian Grenier Instagram</p> Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele.

Adrian Grenier Instagram

Adrian Grenier and Jordan Roemmele.

Roemmele and Grenier moved to a farm in Austin, Texas, in August 2020. She posted a photo on Instagram of herself with Grenier in the background a year after their move with the caption, “It has been nearly a year since moving to Austin, and what a wild ride it’s been. I am incredibly grateful to my fully supportive intuition which has brought me HOME.”

Grenier also spoke to City Lifestyle about their decision to relocate. “When I decided I wanted to settle in Texas I knew I wanted a partner to live that experience with me, that’s where Jordan comes in,” he explained. “We have a long history, and I said ‘I’m in love, and if you are too, I want to build something together.’ Thankfully, she was interested. We negotiated terms of the heart, and decided we were going to get some land.”

Grenier and Roemmele plan to start a wildlife sanctuary together

<p>Adrian Grenier Instagram</p> Adrian Grenier.

Adrian Grenier Instagram

Adrian Grenier.

In Grenier’s interview with City Lifestyle he also discussed the plans the pair have for their future in Austin. “Our intention is to create a wildlife sanctuary, with elements to give wild animals respite – food for bees and butterflies, birdboxes for migratory birds,” he said. “We’ll have llamas or alpacas, maybe some goats – not for a livestock operation but to keep the grass down, our living mowers, and to create manure for nutrients for the farm, compost. We'd love to create food to eat, to give to our neighbors, and to sell."

According to her Instagram, Roemmele is just as passionate about animals. She posted a selfie with one of the animals on her farm and told a story about her, writing “This hen was attacked by a raccoon a couple days ago. She sustained a pretty deep wound on her neck. After a bout of medical care and isolation she is going back with the fellow survivors, and I am hoping she makes it 🤞🏼 Being a chicken mom is challenging, every loss hits me hard. Death is inevitable and creative in its expression but I still love my little dinosaurs.”

They eloped while on vacation with friends

Marisol Pesquera/Simon/Shutterstock
Marisol Pesquera/Simon/Shutterstock

Roemmele and Grenier were on vacation in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco when they decided it would be the perfect time and place to tie the knot. “It wasn't planned,” the Drive Me Crazy star told PEOPLE exclusively at the time. “We embraced the serendipity of the moment and made the decision to tie the knot — literally, we didn't have rings so used string for rings.”

Grenier’s friend RY X “got ordained on his cell phone at dinner — good thing we had wifi — in order to officiate the wedding, and then sang beautifully after that,” he added to PEOPLE.

It was a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by flower petals, candles, and mountains. The couple matched in all-white attire and their guests sat cozily together on blankets.

"We were with a group of incredible friends, all of whom immediately rallied behind us and embraced the spontaneity of the moment," Grenier said. "They put in so much love and effort to create a wedding from thin air."

They welcomed their first child in June 2023

Grenier and Roemmele became first-time parents in June 2023 when their son, Seiko Aurelius Grenier, was born.

"We are happy to announce the arrival of our son who was born a few weeks ago," the new mom on Instagram. "In an instant… Our hearts have expanded beyond infinite space. We are cultivating our world now to preserve his innocence, his magic, and to leave enough quiet space to hear and encourage his roar."

In 2024, Grenier opened up about life as a father of one while appearing on Today with Hoda and Jenna.

"I was flying high for many years, two decades in Hollywood and growing up in New York and I live a much more grounded lifestyle now," he shared. "I decided I was going to live closer to nature and commit to my wife and have a family, and have a child, which I’m so excited about."

The actor added, "My little boy was in the dirt this morning and my wife sent a picture. And it’s not only that you learn so much — there’s a lot of mental health challenges in our world and I think it’s our disconnect from the earth — but my son is also learning a lot of like, the natural biome; the bacterias that he’s getting and the immunity information that he’s getting is so important for his health."

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