Ahsoka fans are blown away by episode three's "epic" space battle


Warning: Spoilers for Ahsoka episode three ahead!

Star Wars fans are raving about the space battle that took place in Ahsoka episode three. The scene in question sees Sabine and Huyang trying to escape the Imperial fleet while Ahsoka stands on top of the spaceship and uses her lightsaber to fend off attacks from enemy ships. Viewers took to Twitter to highlight the battle as the best part of the episode, with many praising creator Dave Filoni's writing efforts.

"Move over Rian Johnson! Dave Filoni may have just taken your crown with his Ahsoka space battle," tweeted one viewer.

"Ahsoka continues to be great, with the space battle in episode 3 really nailing the feel of classic Star Wars space battles," someone said.

"The best space battle yet. Thank you, Dave Filoni," one fan wrote.

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"This week’s Ahsoka has a space battle that feels right out of Rebels. Really fun, felt like it FLEW by," someone else said.

"For the record, today's episode of Ahsoka may have had the best-looking space battle I've ever seen. And it was just generally a great episode besides. No notes, 10/10," one fan praised.

"Dave Filoni, you are LEGEND! That episode was probably one of the best things I’ve seen in Star Wars in a long time. Super believable action without breaking the rules and great lore-building. Got New Hope vibes during the space battle. This is Star Wars!" raved another viewer.

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