Ahsoka review

Yahoo Entertainment's Roxy Simons gives her thoughts on Disney Plus's new Star Wars series Ahsoka

Video transcript

ROXY SIMONS: Hi. I'm Roxy from Yahoo UK, and this is my review of "Ahsoka."

- I bet your master found you difficult at times.

- Anakin never got to finish my training. I walked away from him.

ROXY SIMONS: "Ahsoka" is the latest show from the "Star Wars" franchise, and it's about the Jedi Knight as she's trying to stop war from breaking out.

- Buckle up.

- If we don't stop Thrawn, everything will be in vain.

ROXY SIMONS: So far, this show is a bit of a slow burn, but I really like how intriguing the plot is and I really like the relationship dynamic between Ahsoka and Sabine. I'd say Ray Stevenson is my standout performance because he's really menacing in the role as Baylan and I just feel like he's got such strong presence on screen.

I'll give the series four out of five because I feel like it's got a really strong star and it's a very interesting story that they have set up. So I think it will be interesting to see where it goes from now on.

- Perhaps it is time to begin again.


"Ahsoka" is available now on Disney+ and you can read my review on Yahoo UK.