Alan Carr ‘feels bad’ for talking about his dad in early standup career

Alan Carr regrets digging into his dad during his early stand-up career.

The 48-year-old comedian is gearing up for the second season of his autobiographical sitcom ‘Changing Ends’ - which details his younger years growing up as the gay son of the Northampton Town football manager in the 1980s - and has now reflected on his early comedy career in which he often grilled his father.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, he said: “Growing up I think of lot of gay men have odd relationships with their dad.

“My dad was the best dad in the world, but I was like an alien in the house.

“I do feel bad because when I started out in stand-up, I talked about dad in my act. My dad’s not an a***hole, he’s just an 80s northern football manager who wanted his son to play football.”

Despite wishing he had kept his father out of his early routines, the ‘Chatty Man’ host has joked his dad was to blame for him being so camp.

During an appearance on the ‘Getting Curious’ podcast, he said: “My dad was a football manager. You know what they say about gays, the evolution, if you have a really masculine dad, they have a gay son. I do know a lot of gay men whose dads are.

“I high kick out of my mum's vagina, there's been like a mix-up at the hospital and there's some hairdresser looking at his son playing rugby going, ‘What's happened?’”

Alan also bashed the people who branded him a “stereotype” because of his campness.

He argued: “The thing is with camp, if I put it on then have a go at me.

“On the outside I am probably a stereotype but my brain's not, if it was everyone would have a podcast or a hit chat show.

“If it was easy to be me, everyone would be doing it.”

The second season of ‘Changing Ends’ starts on ITV1 with a double bill on July 20.