'It’s just insulting, but I guess you don’t care': Albertans tear up Jason Kenney's promo video to make Edmonton an NHL hub city

While three Canadians cities, Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto, wait to see if they will become one of the NHL’s “hub cities” when the professional hockey league returns, Alberta has taken a unique approaching to campaign for its city to be chosen.

On Monday, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney posted a video promoting the province with the caption, “it’s the obvious choice to bring the @NHL to #Edmonton.”

The video begins with the words “playoffs in Edmonton” and the reads “ play in the Rockies,” as it transitions to showing the mountains, and adults and children appearing to enjoy a lovely stay in the province.

But there is one problem, the video doesn’t seem to actually show much of city of Edmonton at all. If does, however, show several images of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, all several hours away from the actual city.

This oversight was not missed by Albertans on social media who quickly flooded Twitter with comments on the video:

The video also caused some to question whether NHL players, if they were to play in Edmonton, would be able to travel to other parts of the province once they arrived. Last week, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's chief medical officer of health, said when players arrive in the province they would be kept in a cohort together at all times and away from the general population.

Matt Wolf, Executive Director of Issues Management for the Premier of Alberta, responded to comments on the video on Twitter, stating families will be “looking for things to do” while in the province.