Alden Ehrenreich pays tribute to late Cocaine Bear co-star Ray Liotta

Alden Ehrenreich has shared a tribute to his Cocaine Bear co-star Ray Liotta.

The latter star sadly passed away last year aged 67, with his role as Syd Dentwood in the new action movie becoming one of his final parts.

Ehrenreich, who plays Eddie Dentwood in the movie, spoke exclusively to Digital Spy about working with the late actor, calling him "powerful".

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"Just what a powerful actor he was, and what a sweet man he was," he recalled. "We all know him as a fan, and to actually be up close and personal doing those scenes together, we got to go into it and get into a little bit of a fight scene.

"We got to do this drama moment in this film, and that was really fun and really thrilling for me as a fan of a lot of his work. The intensity that he's able to bring to something.

"He was just lovely and really sweet and was having a really, really good time, so I feel very grateful to have had that chance to work with him."

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Liotta passed away peacefully in his sleep last May while working on new project Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic, and received a host of tributes after the sad news was announced.

Cocaine Bear is described as a "character-driven thriller" that is very loosely based on the true story of a bear that consumed a number of bags of cocaine that it came upon after they were ditched by a smuggler parachuting out of a plane.

Director Elizabeth Banks opened up earlier this month about taking on the project, joking to Variety: "Cocaine Bear is a ginormous risk. It could be a career-ender for me!"

Cocaine Bear is out in cinemas on February 24.

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