The Aldi Frozen Pizza You Need To Pick Up On Your Next Trip

thin crust pizza with vegetables
thin crust pizza with vegetables - Vima/Getty Images

When it comes to easy and convenient meals for a busy weeknight, frozen pizza is a pretty good option. In addition to Aldi's revered take-and-bake pizzas, the grocery chain's frozen selection is equally lauded. Take Mama Cozzi's brand of thin-crust pizza, which is available for just $3.59. The 16-inch pizza features ample cheese and pepperoni, as well as a perfectly crispy crust. And much like other products at the chain, this pizza appears to have made a big impression on Reddit. According to one commenter, these pizzas "are a staple in my house," while another simply stated, "AWESOME!"

Mama Cozzi's is one of many private-label brands available at Aldi. While private-label goods are usually much less expensive than the better-known name brands, Aldi endeavors to create products that offer the same level of quality. The focus on private label goods has certainly paid off, as Aldi is a wildly popular grocery chain in the US that enjoys vast brand awareness among consumers.

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How To Amplify Your Frozen Pizza

mama cozzi pizza with sauce
mama cozzi pizza with sauce - Facebook / Kate Langmeyer Curran

While Mama Cozzi's thin-crust pizza has received ample praise among Aldi shoppers, a few small tweaks and adjustments will make it even tastier. As explained by a Mama Cozzi fan on Reddit, salt, black pepper, black olives, and olive oil elevate the flavors of the pizza exponentially. Other commenters suggested adding a bit more cheese or using "fresh thinly sliced basil" to enhance the flavor.

How you cook your frozen pizza can also impact the outcome. For instance, broiling a frozen pizza after baking will ensure perfectly melted cheese and a satisfyingly crispy crust. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even grill a frozen pizza to imbue it with a smoky flavor. The process for grilling a pizza is pretty straightforward, as you can just plop it onto the grates of the grill and cook it for about ten minutes. However, it's best to set the temperature to medium or lower to prevent the crust from becoming singed.

How Does The Thin Crust Pizza Compare To Other Aldi Options?

customers shopping at Aldi
customers shopping at Aldi - Scott Olson/Getty Images

When it comes to Aldi's impressive frozen food selection, the store certainly aims to please. The frozen pizza assortment is particularly expansive, as there seems to be something for every preference. Along with thin crust options, Mama Cozzi's also offers a 3-meat stuffed crust pizza for people with a more substantial appetite. While this pizza is more expensive at $7.69, it's also 17.6 ounces larger.

If you're watching your intake of carbs or leading a gluten-free lifestyle, Aldi's has you covered with its Mama Cozzi's cauliflower crust deli pizza. However, a Reddit thread offers a warning when it comes to baking this pizza in the oven. According to the original poster, "The box specifically says not to use a pan, so I figured it would be fine...clearly it wasn't." The result was a fallen pizza and a soiled oven, which taught the home chef a hard lesson. "This is why I will always use a pizza pan," stated one person, while another explained, "No way you'd ever cook a cauliflower crust pie like this out of the freezer. No flour means no gluten development so it turns to mush before it can crisp up." Regardless, the Aldi's pizza brand has a lot of fans and is worth picking up on your next grocery run.

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