Aldi Vs Walmart: Where Should You Buy Chicken Broth?

Ladle pouring chicken broth into bowl with chicken and vegetables
Ladle pouring chicken broth into bowl with chicken and vegetables - Alvarez/Getty Images

Chicken broth is a staple ingredient that is a good idea to keep in the pantry at all times. From creating easy noodle soups to juicy chicken breasts chock-full of taste, there's a whole lot this versatile ingredient can do.

If it's time for you to restock on chicken broth, there's no shortage of places to buy it (and you can even make a basic chicken stock yourself). Those looking to buy from a discount store might be tempted to head to Aldi or Walmart to stock up on a few boxes. Well, in certain locations, one store does it better than the other in terms of price, and the winner of that battle is Walmart.

Though Walmart may be selling its chicken broth at a slightly lower price ($1.37 for a one-quart package versus $1.45 at Aldi), prices certainly vary per location, and in the end, the difference between the two options is only a few cents. There are a whole lot of other factors to consider when buying ingredients aside from cost. So we looked beyond the price tag to determine which broth is the best option based on factors like nutritional value and customer reviews.

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How Aldi And Walmart's Chicken Broths Compare

Pot of chicken bone broth
Pot of chicken bone broth - Ahanov Michael/Shutterstock

For starters, compare the ingredient list of Walmart's chicken broth versus Aldi's. Both products offer the same base ingredients, such as chicken broth and salt, but the rest differs from there. Aldi's broth contains sugar, carrots, celery, and onion powder, while Walmart's contains no sugar and concentrates of carrot juice, celery juice, and onion juice, among other ingredients. Looking at the nutritional list of both products, Aldi's broth has slightly more sodium (860 milligrams) compared to Walmart's (830 milligrams). Each broth contains one gram of protein.

Another factor to consider is variety. If you're looking for a lot of online options to choose from, Walmart's got your back with dozens of different options for chicken broth. From organic choices to bulk packages, there's something for everyone. Aldi has a similar variety of choices, but not nearly as many products as Walmart (which makes sense, considering that Aldi's smaller stores are part of the reason why prices are so low). Now, looking beyond the facts, let's dive into what customers say about each store's chicken broths.

Shoppers Weigh In On The Great Broth Debate

Overhead of chicken broth in a bowl on a gray countertop
Overhead of chicken broth in a bowl on a gray countertop - Mironov Vladimir/Shutterstock

Aldi shoppers on Reddit claimed that the chicken broth may not be worth a buy, with lukewarm comments saying it was "pretty standard" or tasted "just fine." Still, other shoppers disagreed. "[The] chicken broth is as good as any canned broth; the container is nice, no metal taste," one said. Other commenters even claimed that the chicken broth tasted better than some of Aldi's other similar offerings, such as the bone broth.

On the other hand, many Walmart shoppers seemed happy with their purchase of the chicken broth, with some customers calling it their staple product and others saying they love the value. Others praised this ingredient's rich flavor and said it was "not too salty" compared to other broths. Many other shoppers, however, were unhappy with the packaging of the broth, with some citing broken safety seals and leaking containers.

So, each product has mixed reviews; it seems both chicken broths have their pros and cons. Still, looking at the lower price and sodium levels of Walmart's offering, it's an appealing choice for many consumers. Walmart also had more customers take to the internet to share their excitement about their product, while Aldi's customers seemed less enthused about the broth it sells. But, if you really want to know the difference, why not buy some chicken broth from both stores and see how they compare for yourself?

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