Aldi's Wicked Grove Cider Is An Obvious Angry Orchard Copycat

Hard cider and beer at Aldi
Hard cider and beer at Aldi - Alison Kenny/Facebook

For years now, Angry Orchard has been one of the definitive names when it comes to hard cider. However, it appears that Aldi is giving the brand a run for its money with its Wicked Grove hard cider. Like many other privately branded products for sale at the discount grocery chain, Wicked Grove hews pretty close to the taste and quality of Angry Orchard. And it's available for a lower cost, although prices for both hard ciders are bound to fluctuate based on location, which means your mileage may vary if you're seeking the best deal on boozy yet refreshing beverages.

As listed on Aldi's website, a six-pack of Wicked Grove retails for $9.99. On the other hand, the Marketview Liquor website features a six-pack of Angry Orchard for $11.99. According to the package, Angry Orchard is 5% alcohol by volume, which is the same ABV offered by Wicked Grove. Two dollars off is a pretty sweet deal for lovers of hard cider, but does Wicked Grove actually measure up?

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What People Are Saying About Wicked Grove

assorted hard ciders on wooden serving tray
assorted hard ciders on wooden serving tray - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

When you want the unvarnished truth on Aldi products, Reddit is a good place to turn. When asked about the quality of Wicked Grove, one person replied, "You know it's in the same vein as other mass produced ciders. I like it better than angry orchard and smith and forge. Good for the price for sure." Despite the glowing review, one commenter mentioned the high concentration of sugar in the cider, stating, "22 grams of sugar? No thanks..."

Other people sampling the hard cider had similar complaints. According to a review posted on YouTube, the overwhelming sweetness of Wicked Grove proved hard to swallow. While the reviewer enjoyed the "lovely apple taste" of the beverage, he found that the sweet flavor overpowered any tartness or tanginess. He was also dissatisfied with the "film" the beverage left on the tongue, describing it as "not the greatest feeling." It should be noted that this reviewer was based in the UK, which means he may not be accustomed to the high sugar content found in lots of American foods and beverages. Overall, the YouTube reviewer deemed Wicked Grove "not bad."

Where Can You Find Aldi's Brand Of Hard Cider?

Aldi signage in daytime
Aldi signage in daytime - Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock

If you're tempted to try Wicked Grove for yourself, the first step is to determine whether alcohol sales are allowed in grocery stores where you live. Laws vary greatly from place to place. For instance, grocery stores in Oregon, Georgia, and Pennsylvania (among several other states) are permitted to sell beer and wine. However, residents of these states may still face difficulty finding their favorite brews on store shelves.

Take Pennsylvania, for instance. As explained by The Philadelphia Inquirer, grocery stores must have a license to sell beer and wine, and those without one will be unable to meet customer demands for alcohol. And licenses aren't always readily available, according to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Limits on the number of licenses in a given county mean that retail establishments may not be able to secure one. Keep in mind that each state imposes their own laws, so Aldi customers in other states may face a different set of rules, even if alcohol sales are permitted.

Based on these factors, your best bet is to reach out to your local Aldi to determine whether they stock alcohol. If so, you can decide whether Wicked Grove is a worthy rival to the Angry Orchard brand.

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