Alec Baldwin 'not homophobic', plans to quit public life

Actor has had one too many run-ins with the press.

Alec Baldwin has had enough of public life and says he will likely move from his home in New York, where he's lived since 1979.

The actor has had a series of well-publicised run-ins with the media in recent years, and has now decided that he can't continue.

Writing in New York magazine, the actor detailed all of the recent incidents – in which he's been accused of homophobia and become a regular target of celebrity website TMZ.

“I find myself bitter, defensive, and more misanthropic than I care to admit,” he writes. “And I’m trying to understand what happened, how an altercation on the street, in which I was accused—wrongly—of using a gay slur, could have cascaded like this.

“There’s been a shift in my life. And it’s caused me to step back and say, This is happening for a reason.

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“Am I a homophobe? Look, I work in show business. I am awash in gay people, as colleagues and as friends. I’m doing 'Rock of Ages' one day, making out with Russell Brand.

“Soon after that, I’m advocating with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cynthia Nixon for marriage equality. I’m officiating at a gay friend’s wedding. I’m not a homophobic person at all. But this is how the world now sees me.

“I haven’t changed, but public life has.”

Pinned... Baldwin wrestles photographer onto the bonnet of a car (Copyright: Rex)

55-year-old Baldwin has indeed had a turbulent few years, with his reported use of an anti-gay slur against a photographer and alleged 'diva-like' behaviour causing the cancellation of an MSNBC talkshow after just a few episodes.

He also clashed with a reporter from the Daily Mail who accused his wife of tweeting during the funeral of James Gandolfini, calling the writer a 'toxic little queen'.

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There was also a public spat with Shia LaBeouf which saw the younger actor fired from a stage production the pair were set to star in.

Pictures of him tackling a photographer outside a restaurant after he tried to take pictures of his wife Hilaria and new baby were splashed across the papers late last year too.

“Now I loathe and despise the media in a way I did not think possible. I used to engage with the media knowing that some of it would be adversarial, but now it’s superfluous at best and toxic at its worst,” he went on.

“I probably have to move out of New York. I just can’t live in New York anymore. Everything I hated about L.A. I’m beginning to crave. L.A. is a place where you live behind a gate, you get in a car, your interaction with the public is minimal.

“It’s good-bye to public life,” he added.

It's not the first time that the actor has threatened to withdraw from both public life and making movies, due to his now adversarial relationship with the press.

Last year he wrote on the Huffington Post: “If quitting the television business, the movie business, the theater, any component of entertainment, is necessary in order to bring safety and peace to my family, then that is an easy choice.

“This country’s obsession with the private lives of famous people is tragic.”

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