Alec Baldwin & Kate McKinnon play Trump & Clinton in hilarious SNL skit

Politics often spill over into entertainment, with actors using their platform for getting views across. So Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon’s Saturday Night Live presidential debate parody should come as no surprise.


Last week the US (and indeed the world) watched on as Donald Trump took on Hillary Clinton in the first of three televised debates before November’s vote for the next President of the United States happens.

During the 90-minute event, there were a number of talking points - mainly Trump’s constant sniffing and interrupting of his rival, as well as Clinton’s beaming smile that never seemed to fade.

Both Baldwin and McKinnon recorded a semi-accurate, totally hilarious ‘recreation’ of the debate, which aired this weekend.

Take a look at the full sketch below.

It’s fair to say that when actors make political statements they’re often met with both sides for the pov and against it. The idea is that not only can these high profile stars get their personal views out there, but in the hope of influencing people, notably those who are undecided in things such as the presidential elections, to make a choice.

Here, however, it sees the pair take the mick out of both candidates, but more so at the expense of Trump and his controversial comments. And it has to be said, Baldwin does a pretty spot-on impression of the POTUS hopeful.

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Picture credit: SNL, YouTube