ALF to be remade for the big screen

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

80s sitcom ALF is to be rebooted for the big screen, according to reports.

Sony Pictures has nabbed the rights to the 'Alien Life Form', with the film being brought to life by the producer of the recent Smurfs remake Jordan Kerner.

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It will star original puppeteer Paul Fusco, who also provided the voice for the wise-cracking alien, in a mix of CGI and live action.

The original show ran from 1986 to 1990, broadcasting 102 episodes in all.

It centred around ALF, whose real name was Gordon Shumway, an alien from the planet Melmac who crash landed on Earth into the garage of the Tanner family.

Kerner now has form with remakes. The recent 3D reincarnation of 'The Smurfs' made over $564 million, with a sequel just finished and due for release in 2013.