Alfonso Ribeiro's wife had no idea about his 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' past when they first met

Alfonso Ribeiro might be known for the dance moves he made famous as Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But when he met his wife, Angela, who had no idea who he was, at a hotel in Beverly Hills, the actor had to rely on a different set of moves to get her to agree to a first date.

“I called him my stalker,” Angela tells Yahoo Lifestyle in an interview alongside her husband. “I didn’t know who he was at the time. He told me he was a director, which you were. And I was very much in the ‘I don’t want to date anyone in entertainment.’”

However, Alfonso says, he made the “first, second, third moves” to eventually change Angela’s mind.

“We went to a restaurant, she made a reservation,” Alfonso recalls, not knowing then that her intention was to cut the date short to make it back for that night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Until she realized that she actually wanted to stick around.

“I don’t think it was more than 10 minutes that went by, and I was like, huh, he’s different than I thought,” Angela says.

It turns out that Alfonso was pleasantly surprised as well, after anticipating that he wouldn’t have a ton in common with a woman from Iowa after growing up in New York. He quickly figured out that she was the one but recognized that he had some things to work out in his own life after having gone through a divorce.

“That’s kind of a deterrent for single women,” Angela explains. “But I’m glad that I was able to look past that and get to know him better.”

Fortunately for both of them, taking a chance on one another led to a romantic yacht proposal in Lake Tahoe and a beautiful family together, which is still growing.

On Nov. 2, the couple announced that they are expecting their third child, who will be joining their sons, Alfonso Lincoln, 5, and Anders, 3, as well as Alfonso’s daughter, Sienna, 15, from his first marriage.

“I try to do everything in my power to make sure that my family’s with me on all of these journeys that I have to go on. I feel it’s incredibly important,” Alfonso says. “We prioritize family. We prioritize each other.”

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