Alicia Silverstone’s son cut his long hair two months after she revealed he was 'made fun of'

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Watch: Alicia Silverstone’s son Bear gets his long hair cut.

Alicia Silverstone’s son has decided to cut his long hair, two months after she defended his locks when he was teased about it by other children.

Back in September, the Clueless actor shared her pride over her nine-year-old son Bear’s choice to keep his hair long.

Despite getting teased about the length of his hair, which fell past his shoulders, Silverstone was proud her son wasn’t about to bow to peer pressure.

But it seems that Bear has now decided that it is time for a change and while his mum is fully on board with it, she was a little sad to see his long locks chopped.

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Alicia Silverstone has revealed her son Bear has cut his long hair, pictured in February 2020. (Getty Images)
Alicia Silverstone has revealed her son Bear has cut his long hair, pictured in February 2020. (Getty Images)

Sharing a video of the big moment to Instagram the Batman & Robin star revealed that though she missed her son’s long hair, she’s totally supportive of his decision to get it cut.

“Yes, It’s true. Bear cut his hair!! My baby’s growing up,” Silverstone wrote in the accompanying caption. “I miss his hair!!!!! Was it his decision? Yes. Did I cry inside as I watched him get it cut? Maybe… but did I try to stop him? Not for one second.”

Silverstone went on to explain that Bear had loved his long hair but had decided it was time to try something new.

However, she added that she thought her son might one day sport long locks once again.

“No matter what though, I will always support my sweet, caring, and precious little boy in every decision he makes,” she concluded the supportive post.

In the video, the actor is seen asking her son, “What are we doing right now?”

“Cutting my hair,” he replies as he runs his hand through his long locks.

“Why?” she asks.

“I have no idea,” he says smiling.

“Are you nervous about this at all?” Silverstone asks Bear.

“Yes, very,” he replies.

As two stylists work on his hair, Bear says he’s “so excited,” and once the stylists are finished, he smiles as he checks out his new style in the mirror.

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Silverstone’s Instagram followers were equally as supportive of Bear’s new shorter tresses.

“I'm not sure why this makes me sooooo happy,” one person wrote wrote. “Love that he cares about your feelings! He is such a sweetheart.”

“I’m digging the short hair with the gel in it. Looks very good,” another commented.

Others said they loved Bear’s style both ways.

“He looks SUPER cool with it long and short,” one wrote.

“His beautiful soul shines through whether his hair is long or short,” another agreed. “Love it both ways btw!”

Watch: Alicia Silverstone says son Bear is helping her relive her childhood.

Silverstone previously opened up about how proud she was of her son staying true to himself despite getting teased about the length of his hair.

“One time my son was made fun of by other kids because of his hair on a bus ride to surf camp,” she wrote, after explaining how much she loves his hair.

“After he had returned and told me, I thought he would want to cut it...”

Silverstone already had a hair appointment scheduled for Bear the following day and she suspected the teasing might make him want to cut it short.

“But when we showed up, he said ‘please give me a trim so I can grow it to my waist’,” she continued.

“That’s my boy! He knows who he is.”

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Silverstone isn’t the only celebrity who has been praised for supporting their children not being confined by traditional gender stereotypes.

Back in October, Emma Willis was applauded by her fans for “breaking gender stereotypes” after sharing an image of her son, Ace, totally rocking a pink crop top and long hair.

The TV presenter posted a photo on Instagram of eight-year-old Ace dressed in a pink crop top, ripped jeans and pink trainers, standing in their kitchen with dad Matt Willis.

“My little style icon (Ace, not Matt),” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

In 2018, Meghan Fox shared a rare snapshot of two of her boys enjoying a day at the beach, both wearing wetsuits and both with long surfer-style hair.

Most fans found the photo to be adorable, but some offered unwanted opinions about boys having long hair.

Earlier that year, the boys’ dad, Brian Austin Green hit back at trolls who had been hating on his sons’ long hair.

“The fact is my boys have and like long hair,” The Beverly Hills, 90210 star said. “In my opinion they are beautiful and will still be and possibly be mistaken for girls if they wore matching short and T-shirt combos and had short hair.

“Some people like boys and men with long hair," he concluded. "Some people don't. Both opinions are OK.”