Alicia Vikander is body-shamed over 'Tomb Raider' — and the internet is fighting back

Last weekend, Twitter user “Amazing Atheist Guy” (real name TJ Kirk) posted the following denigrating — and NSFW — comment about Vikander’s physical suitability for the role of the (traditionally buxom) Croft:

Following that ugliness, Philly Voice critic Jerome Maida then included the following passage in his review of the film — which, apparently, has since been deleted from the piece (likely because of online objections).

There’s no doubt that Vikander’s embodiment of Croft is less cartoonishly busty than the one found in the original video games. On The Graham Norton Show last month, the actress, who packed on 12 pounds of muscle for the role, admitted that one of the main differences between her version of the character and her predecessors’ is that, “My breasts are not as pointy as the first Lara!” Nonetheless, her Tomb Raider look is hardly out of sync with Lara’s game counterparts because she very closely resembles the more athletic, and less exaggerated, Croft found in the 2013 reboot series. And regardless, such criticisms — which are in line with the complaints that met Gal Gadot’s casting as Wonder Woman — reek of outright misogynistic body-shaming, and were thus greeted with heated responses from fans online:

Tomb Raider blasts into theaters tomorrow, March 16.

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