Alien: Covenant Set A Decade After Prometheus

Caution: spoilers for ‘Prometheus’ ahead.

Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ sequel/’Alien’ prequel ‘Alien: Covenant’ will be set ten years after the previous film, it has been revealed. 

This detail was leaked by costume designer Janty Yates, a regular collaborator of Scott who is currently in pre-production on the sci-fi movie, which she tells Collider is set “10 years in the future beyond ‘Prometheus.’”

Yates also hints that ‘Alien: Covenant’ is “not so much of a space-suit movie… we’re only carrying on one look from ‘Prometheus 1′, which is from David the robot (Michael Fassbender) and he’s just got the hangover of the ‘Prometheus 1′ space-suit, bits and bobs.”

This mention of Fassbender’s David alone is sure to get fan ears pricking up, as his character was of course not the only survivor of ‘Prometheus,’ as the 2012  movie ended with he and Noomi Rapace’s Dr Elizabeth Shaw heading into space to find the homeworld of the Engineers.

It is believed that Rapace is returning for the sequel, but there has been very little mention of her role to date - and it has recently been declared that the newly-cast Katherine Waterston has the lead role in ‘Alien: Covenant.’

What this means for the character of Elizabeth Shaw is anyone’s guess - but we might note that sizeable time gaps are hardly unprecedented in the series. 

James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’ was set 57 years after Ridley Scott’s original ‘Alien.’ The gap between that first sequel and David Fincher’s ‘Alien 3′ was never specified - but fourth movie ‘Alien Resurrection’ was set a full two centuries later.

As ‘Prometheus’ was set 30 years before ‘Alien,’ and Scott has suggested there may be as many as two more sequel/prequels after ‘Alien: Covenant,’ the gap is clearly closing in on the original.

Set to shoot later this year, ‘Alien: Covenant’ is due to hit cinemas in October 2016.

Picture Credits: 20th Century Fox

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