Allison Janney Jokes Her Mom ‘Would’ve Had a Few Words for Me’ Over Sheer Red Carpet Dress (Exclusive)

The actress stars as a colorful 1960s socialite in the new Apple TV+ comedy 'Palm Royale'

<p>Matt Winkelmeyer/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty</p>

Matt Winkelmeyer/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty

Allison Janney admits the sheer dress she wore to the premiere of her 2022 Amazon comedy The People We Hate at the Wedding “was a risk.”

The actress, 64, who stars as a colorful 1960s socialite in the new Apple TV+ comedy Palm Royale, wasn’t thinking ahead to all the red carpet flashbulbs when she chose the gown. “I don't think I knew how transparent that dress was,” she tells PEOPLE. “Definitely with photographs, it was more transparent.”

Todd Williamson/JanuaryImages/Shutterstock
Todd Williamson/JanuaryImages/Shutterstock

While she ultimately pulled off the look, Janney, whose mother, Macy, died in October 2020, was grateful her mom didn’t see the photos. “I'm just glad, I mean, I'm sorry my mother is no longer here, but my mother would've had a few words for me about wearing that dress,” she says, laughing. “She would not have approved of that dress at all.”

When it comes to fashion, the West Wing alum feels she's learned over the years what works best for her. “Yeah, I'm at the point where I can now go through my closet and get rid of stuff because I now know, yeah, I'm not going to wear that,” she says. “Now I feel like I'm really just about beautiful, simple, clean lines.”

Most of the time the Oscar winner insists you can find her in “T-shirts and jeans, but that's the way I'm most comfortable,” says Janney. “So very simple, pared down, nothing. But I do have a sense of fun about fashion as well when I can.”

Plus, “my stylist puts me in nice dresses, which is really fun,” adds the 6-foot-tall actress. “That's one good thing my height is for, wearing clothes.”

Palm Royale is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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