Ally Love Joins the 'Today' Show as Contributor: 'I'm Proud of Myself for This' (Exclusive)

Peloton’s Love will host Today segments covering topics such as wellness, health and fitness

<p>NATHAN CONGLETON / TODAY</p> Ally Love Joins TODAY Show


Ally Love Joins TODAY Show

Ally Love can now be part of your daily routine in more ways than one.

The 36-year-old Peloton instructor has joined the Today show as a contributor, with a regular series “Love Your Mornings” focused on mindfulness and meditation. She will also appear on the third hour of TODAY and Today with Hoda & Jenna.

“I think the impact that the Today show has had on its really expansive community, has been deep. And so to be a part of that imprint is an honor, it's something that I don't take lightly,” Love tells PEOPLE just after her first segment.

She adds, “Not everyone is a contributor, not everyone is a part of the family, and so it is a reflection of all the hard work that I've put in. So, I don't normally say this, but like I said on the show, I'm proud of myself for this.”

Joining the Today show as a contributor has been a long-time dream for Love.



“I was a kid in middle school here for the summer with a chaperone and I left the apartment that the chaperone was in and took the train to one of the Today show’s summer concerts,” the Brooklyn Nets host and Peloton instructor says. “I saw the correspondents up there, and I was just like, "Wow, I want to do that one day.” And so here we are, years later, where now I'm an adult, and it is my job. I work here. It's still surreal.”

When discussing her new series, Love says there is much for fans to look forward to. “My segments are going to be broccoli wrapped in cotton candy,” the Today show contributor tells PEOPLE.

She continues, “They're all feel-good segments. I'm a feel-good instructor at Peloton, I'm a feel-good person. It's all wrapped in positivity, and they're very approachable. They’re all tied into the three M's, the mind, the matter and the meaning of physical, spiritual and overall mental well-being. Real people with real problems? I got real answers.”

Love’s family and friends are also proud of this new accomplishment. “I didn't tell any of my family that I got this position, and so I just told them to tune in, and so it was announced to my entire family on the show in real-time. My friends as well,” Love says. “They're just in shock and they're celebrating. They're very proud of me. My dad is also geeking out a little bit. He tries to keep it cool, but he's totally geeking out.”

Becoming a contributor on the Today show is one more role added to a long list of positions Love holds, including Peloton instructor, Brooklyn Nets host, founder and CEO of Love Squad and host of the Netflix dance competition series Dance 100.

“While I have many titles and they're active, things happen in seasons, and I do prioritize self-care, and making sure that I'm not overloaded,” Love tells PEOPLE of managing her busy schedule. She continues, “I taught Peloton at 6:30 this morning, a 30-minute windmill, I got dressed, I came to set and I was here, prepped to go on for all three hours with enough time to breathe, and think and prepare for myself.”

When asked why she decided to join the TODAY team, Love jokes, “The determining factor was Hoda.” The Peloton instructor adds, “In all honesty, it's all of the hosts and correspondents on the show, it's the folks behind the scenes that you don't always get to see because their impact on the show itself is great. I'd met a lot of the folks that work there that are part of the TODAY family, and I just fell in love with the culture, with the atmosphere. And then seeing how positive the segments are, how influential, how knowledgeable and informative and fun they are.”

For Love, no matter what role she is taking on, the culture is important. “If the culture's not right, I'm not a part of it,” the Today show contributor says. “I'm locked in on how we're positively affecting a community, but when no one's watching, we still are true to who we are, and being that positive force for each other. That to me was like a ‘Hell, yeah.’ ”

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