Almost Barbie Amy Schumer Knows Exactly Who She'd Like To Play In Margot Robbie's Universe, And I Honestly Wish They'd Given Her A Cameo

 Amy Schumer in Trainwreck.
Amy Schumer in Trainwreck.

It’s hard to believe that Barbie was going to be a completely different movie than what we were given. In the beginning, Sony Pictures was going to headline the Mattel Inc. doll on the big screen with Amy Schumer on the way to crushing the title role. With Margot Robbie ultimately taking on Stereotypical Barbie instead, the stand-up comedian has shared who she’d like to play in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie universe, and now I wish she made a cameo in the Oscar-nominated flick.

Barbie included a lot of cameo appearances from well-known faces. We saw singer Dua Lipa and wrestler John Cena as Mermaid Barbies, Ryan Piers Williams played Gloria's husband to his real-life wife America Ferrera, and Academy Award-winning costume designer Ann Roth played the Woman on the Bench in a popular scene that was almost cut. Since Amy Schumer was very close to playing Barbie, it would have been great if she was one of the cameos for Greta Gerwig’s movie. In an interview with ET, the Trainwreck actress declares exactly who she’d be perfect for if the Warner Bros. movie spawned a sequel.

Oh my gosh, who's gonna say no to that? Of course, I would love to be Allan's Barbie. Yeah, and I think of myself as Allan's Barbie.

Being Allan’s Barbie wouldn’t exactly be what I would picture her playing since Barbie is all about not attaching yourself to a man. But at least if she was in connection to Michael Cera’s Allan, I’d like to believe it would have expanded his role a little and we’d see the Life & Beth stars reunite. Her chemistry with Cera in the Hulu series portraying Schumer’s real-life relationship with her husband was so genuine and sweet to watch. A little humorous flirty bantering between the two in Barbieland wouldn’t have been such a bad thing to watch.

Compared to the finalized Barbie plot that saw the main character choosing to leave Barbieland for an agenda of her own, the initial plot had everyone’s favorite doll kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough. Three months later, the live-action movie suffered a major setback when Amy Schumer decided to drop out of the project.

While her previous reasoning was due to scheduling conflicts, the Inside Amy Schumer star says she bailed on the comedy film because of creative differences. Barbie’s first big-screen appearance was apparently not as feminist as the version we’ve gotten. I can understand that since Margot Robbie’s version portrayed the popular doll as flawless. Schumer’s Barbie probably would have gone with tropes typical to what the Last Comic Standing contestant has done before with physical comedy and honest humor.

It’s a shame that Amy Schumer couldn’t have a cameo in Barbie even though she dropped out of being the film’s lead. But if a sequel eventually comes into play, maybe she can get her wish of being Allan’s Barbie or play another type of Barbie within Barbieland.

If you’re interested in watching Margot Robbie's Barbie, it’s available with your Max subscription. You can also watch Schumer and Michael Cera’s on-screen dynamic on Life & Beth using your Hulu subscription, with Season 2 premiering on February 16th.