Almost Everyone Loses Weight On Dancing With The Stars. Too Hot To Handle's Harry Jowsey Says He ‘Got Fatter’

 Harry Jowsey smiles on Too Hot to Handle.
Harry Jowsey smiles on Too Hot to Handle.

Too Hot to Handle’s Harry Jowsey was among the Season 32 competitors of Dancing with the Stars. After making it to the quarterfinals and being the ninth contestant eliminated, he’ll be part of the live tour in February as a special guest star. While other competitors on the dance competition series have lost weight strutting their stuff, Jowsey claims he actually “got fatter” during his run on the show.

With all of those intense rehearsals and working on a range of different dance routines, it’s no surprise that contestants on Dancing with the Stars have lost weight competing. On the contrary, quarterfinalist Harry Jowsey (whose pre-DWTS claim to fame was the Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle) spoke to People about how he didn’t exactly experience weight loss while on the competition series.

I think I got fatter, to be honest. I got so skinny fat because on rehearsal days, we just eat. There's so many snacks around. Don't put food in front of me, ever.

I can understand where Harry Jowsey is coming from. Even when you’re trying to get into shape or if you’re sticking to a diet, it’s easy to be tempted by delicious food that’s right in front of you. You would think that craft services would at least have healthy food for the dancers to munch on, though, compared to any junk food that can hinder their training.

Apparently, the reality TV star was also surprised about the food craft services provided the dancers.

I was like, 'Why are there lollies here? Why is there sugar? Why are there muffins?' I don't need it around me because I'll find any excuse to — number one, eat, and number two, not be dancing — so I was just always eating food!

This proves that while rehearsals can be intense when facing injuries, food can also present a danger on rehearsal days when you’re in training. Seeing that yummy food during rehearsals could surely make just about anybody stop what they’re doing and munch instead of move.

Fortunately, the New Zealander was able to get back into the gym with his coach encouraging him to do “10,000 steps a day.” However, don’t ask him to do any squats or lunges, as the YouTuber referred to his legs as “toothpicks.” At least Jowsey found it in himself to get back to working out before joining the DWTS live tour.

How Other Celebrities Have Fared On Dancing With The Stars

Harry Jowsey may have gained a little weight during his run on Dancing with the Stars, but rehearsals and dance floor performances have actually helped other contestants lose weight. Most recently, another Season 32 contestant, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Alyson Hannigan, felt “confident and strong” after a 20 lb. weight loss. She thanked her dance partner Sasha Farber for the transformation and for helping to “shed my insecurities.”

There’s also Smallville’s John Schneider who lost a ton of weight on DWTS when he competed in Season 27. After hitting the dance floor to show off his foxtrot, jazz, jive, and quickstep moves before making it to sixth place, he lost 22 pounds. However, the weight loss was because of the more drastic reason of not being able to find the time to eat. Schneider didn't want to eat before rehearsal and it was too late at night for a meal by the time he was done. This was all the more reason why The Dukes of Hazzard star recommended future contestants create an eating schedule to get the needed nutrition.

Amber Rose also lost weight being a dance contestant on Season 23 of the long-running show. She believed that from dancing, she must have shed 8-10 pounds. As the American model danced with Maksim Chmerkovskiy for hours every day, it’s likely a few pounds would have to be burned off. Kirstie Alley was also famous for her tremendous weight loss on the ABC series, dropping from a size 12 to a 6. Dance really is one of the best ways to lose weight as you’re moving your body in unique ways and forming a stronger connection with it.

Harry Jowsey may have had a different experience than his Dancing with the Stars competitors in gaining weight on the show, but it proves that everyone has their own unique stories competing in the Emmy Award-winning series. Check back with our 2024 TV schedule as new details are released so you’ll know when Season 33 of DWTS premieres.