17 Jaw-Dropping Vacation Spots Women Travelers Visited Alone — And The Tips They Swear By

If you identify as a woman and you want to travel alone, it may be overwhelming trying to find a destination that will meet all your traveling needs. So I asked the women of the BuzzFeed Community: "What is the best destination you traveled solo and why?" and they provided such thoughtful places and tips to follow. Here's what they had to say below:

1."I have done a lot of solo traveling throughout the years. But one place I always remember so fondly is Vienna, Austria. The people were incredibly kind, and the food was absolutely amazing. The coffee, beer, and wine scene was so fun. I’m more of an introvert, but I felt super comfortable going out at night to wine bars and breweries and just enjoying the culture around me. Nothing really beats walking around an art museum with the most beautiful art in the world with a glass of Merlot in your hand. And on my last day, I had the best surprise when I stumbled upon a rehearsal of the Lipizzaner stallions. They are world-renowned show horses, and I was ushered into the arena and got to watch them perform. Vienna will always be one of my absolute favorite places."

People stroll on a pedestrian street with shops leading to a domed building in the evening

2."I really loved the Red River Delta in Vietnam. Gorgeous scenery and wonderful history. I stayed at a cute little hotel run by a grandmother, mother, and daughter. (Also, great food, friendly people, all the good things!)"


3."After a particularly intense period of burnout, my therapist and PCP both said I needed to take a leave from work. That felt too scary, so I took myself (and one of my two dogs) on a roadtrip from Northern California to Joshua Tree for two weeks. I cooked, drank wine, did yoga, finished the first draft of my novel, smoked pot in the hot tub, watched black and white movies, read, and took endless hikes with my dog. It was my solo moon and so restorative. I will absolutely do it again, proactively this time, not because I medically require it."

Desert highway with Joshua trees and rock formations at sunset


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4."Sayulita, Mexico! The beaches are gorgeous, and there's lots of incredible hiking, surfing, restaurants, bars, and art. The main strip can be very touristy, so it's recommended to go off the beaten path a bit and truly appreciate the local culture. The area is generally safe for travelers and offers a wonderful alternative to overcrowded and overpriced resorts."

—Katie, 33, Texas

5."I stayed in Dublin solo and had a wonderful time. A tip, though, is to make sure you get a hotel closer to the center. My hotel was waaayyy out in Drumcondra, and I had to rent a bike that actually ended up stolen during one of my bus trips to another city. But Ireland, in general, was just a really beautiful place filled with friendly people. I did have two racist encounters where I was fetishized as a Black woman, but I still never felt unsafe. I walked the city center every day of my week-long stay and never had any problems."

O'Connell Bridge over the River Liffey with Dublin city buildings and lights at dusk

6."I backpacked solo through Pictured Rocks in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Being by myself in nature for five days was amazing, even though I had a lot of anxiety initially. I felt so accomplished by the end and had so much time to just reflect and be present. It was life-altering, and I can’t recommend a solo backpacking trip enough. Also, Pictured Rocks is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. I would get a rush every time I looked out over the cliffs, even after spending several days there. I cannot believe it’s not more popular. I’ve been to most of the well-known national parks, and none of them compared to Pictured Rocks. Lake Superior is truly superior!"

—Aubrey, 29

7."I've traveled to Japan twice by myself and heading back again later this year. Both times I've traveled there, I've felt safe. I traveled to Kyoto and Osaka and around the Hiroshima prefecture. I probably feel safer in Japan than I do in my own [country.]"

Lantern-lit alley with shops and a bicycle, capturing the ambiance of a travel destination

8."Alaska is beautiful and should be on your travel list ASAP! I’m over 40, traveled alone, hiked all over the state, and never had any issues. The only time I felt nervous was during a bear encounter. The bear was very far from me, and we left each other alone, but it was still a bit nerve-racking to see one in person. Otherwise, I never felt I was in danger, and every local I encountered was super helpful and nice."

Jennifer Kell

9."I am a woman who actually prefers to travel alone. I get to do what I want when I want to, and traveling alone helps me make new friends along the way. Outside of North America, Berlin, Germany, is BY FAR the greatest city I have ever visited. If you are into music and art, this is the city to be. I met a guy at a bar, and he invited me to hang out at his bar the next night. I showed up at 10 p.m., but he didn't finish until 2 a.m. He introduced me to the regulars while he was working. When he was done, we went bar hopping, went to a burlesque show in a warehouse, and ended up in an all-night art party. The nightlife is amazing, but the history of the city is also unmatched. We are still friends to this day, and I always send my friends to his bar when they visit. Not ONCE was a man inappropriate with me there, which is impossible to find in Europe."

Crowds dining by riverside near historic cathedral with clear skies
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10."I have been to New York and Amsterdam as a solo female traveler. Both of them felt safe, and I didn't feel out of place being alone. Both also had lots to see and do. Out of the two of them, I probably slightly preferred Amsterdam as the people were so nice and it is a city with so much history. The people in New York could be a bit angry, and I was shouted at a few times by strangers while there. I think big cities are often safer to travel alone to as there are lots of people around, and security tends to be better than in rural areas."


11."I have traveled to many places. If you want a fun, easy, amazing place to travel alone, I highly recommend London, England. They have great walking tours. I did several of those and met a couple of other women traveling alone, and we met up for dinner a few times. Even when I was alone, I didn't feel lonely. I loved getting a sandwich at one of the many convenience stores and eating it in a park or eating in an adorable pub. Transportation is so easy! The Tube is much easier to use than the subway in NYC. I have been there twice by myself and just had a lovely time wandering around."

Aerial view of a cityscape with iconic skyscrapers and bridges over a river at dusk

—Holly, 54

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12."Iceland. I rented a car and self-drove around for 10 days. I felt safer there than my home in the United States. It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been! I’ve never been homesick for a place I never lived before going to Iceland. I fell completely in love with the landscapes and the Icelandic horses. I would move there in a heartbeat if I could. I pretty much exclusively travel solo. I can do what I want, eat what I want, and see what I want to see without compromising. I also talk to and meet people more that way. As someone who is introverted, if I traveled with someone I know, I’d probably just talk to them and not really anyone else. Solo travel me is more extroverted."


13."Cuba. HANDS DOWN. When I went, I had recently gone through a devastating breakup, and I found myself booking a trip to Cuba with a friend for my first trip as a grown-up out of the country. Two weeks before the trip, she backed out, so I found myself going alone. When I stepped out of the airport, I shared a taxi with a girl who did a three-month stint in Ghana alone, and she said, 'Just relax and try to have fun.' It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I laughed, I cried, I fell in love (Cuban men will do something to you), but most importantly, I found myself and closed the last chapter of that relationship."

Havana shoreline with historic buildings and the Capitol dome in the background

14."Traveling alone is something every woman should definitely do once in her life. It's an incredibly transformative experience. If you love the beach, I recommend you visit Menorca Island. It's a small island that you can tour walking by the shore, and you'll enjoy beautiful historical landscapes and incredible blue colored water beaches."

—Daniela, 37, Uruguay

15."Prague is a great place for solo female travelers. I was there last fall, and it was amazing. The food, architecture, and history are all amazing and worth spending three to four days checking it out. The people all spoke English well and helped me improve my Czech, and they had great recommendations for hidden gems and non-touristy places. The layouts of the streets can be confusing, but even getting lost in Old Town after dark one evening didn’t frighten me. I found a hole-in-the-wall bar, had a drink, and got directions to get me back where I was trying to go."

Scenic view of multiple bridges crossing a river in a city, with lush greenery and buildings
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16."I just got back from Paris. I haven't solo traveled much, and this was the first time I had been outside of the North American continent. I have pretty bad anxiety, OCD, and I'm on the autism spectrum, so I'm an awkward banana muffin of a person — but I decided to go to [Paris] to celebrate my birthday there, and I am really glad I did. I loved walking around the city center, just people-watching and enjoying the beautiful architecture. And as a historian, it was incredible to go to the museums and places like Versailles and think about all the stories behind the artifacts there. I also walked around a bit at night (not too late, like 8 p.m. or 9 p.m.) and felt perfectly safe doing so. There were several other women walking by themselves, which made me feel safer. All in all, it was a wonderful trip."


17."As a solo traveler, I never would have thought that New Orleans would be a good place to go alone, but I was pleasantly surprised! I literally took an eating tour of the city and have no regrets, though I had to work a little bit harder for the next two months in the gym. Rent a bike from Buzz Nola if you can bear the heat. I went at the beginning of August, and I won’t lie, it was rough — but biking everywhere is a whole lot cheaper, and it works out if you plan your stops. Definitely take the Witchcraft and Vampire tour! There's so much incredible history revealed on that tour; it made me look at New Orleans differently."

Bourbon Street in New Orleans at dusk, busy with pedestrians and illuminated buildings

If you identify as a woman, share with us the destination you loved traveling to alone and if you have any tips in the comments below.