‘I am not a huge fan’: Owner of Chinese restaurant goes viral with honest reviews of his own dishes

Natasha Preskey
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 (Aunt Dai/ Feigang Fei)
(Aunt Dai/ Feigang Fei)

A Chinese restaurant owner's "extremely honest" reviews of his own menu items have gone viral.

Asking a chef “How is your orange beef?” might not usually elicit genuine feedback but Feigang Fei has written extensive menu notes telling diners exactly what he thinks of his Montreal restaurant's offerings.

Fei's humorous notes came to light when Kim Belaire, who calls Cuisine AuntDai her favourite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, tweeted images of the "extremely honest commentary".

She wrote: "Aunt Dai is my favourite Chinese restaurant in Montreal, but the REAL treat is the menu, featuring extremely honest commentary from the owner."

The notes, which appear beneath the heading “owner's words”, provide Fei's reviews of his own dishes.

Of the restaurant's orange beef, he wrote: "Comparing to our General Tao Chicken, this one is not THAT good.

"Anyway, I am not a big fan of North American Chinese good and it's your call."

Of another dish, he wrote: "It has curry flavour, don't expect it to be SO tasty but it's a safe choice and make you happy."

Fei's Twitter profile was initially inactive when Belair tweeted about Cuisine AuntDai but, after her post was liked over 70,000 times, the restaurant owner received an email informing him of his viral fame.

He later tweeted Belair to thank her, writing: "It has been a heck of few days in my whole life. Join Twitter to thank you. If you like I want to talk to you. You are my first person to follow on Twitter!!!"

In a blog post, the restaurant owner revealed that he'd received new customers after his reviews went viral.

Fei explained that he and Belair had spoken on the phone, and he'd thanked her for the publicity she'd brought to his restaurant.

He wrote: "Kim called on Sunday morning, we had a great conversation for about 30 minutes."

He added: "I told her that history has already forged the bond for two of us and it’s on the internet, they say once it’s on the Internet it never disappears, right?"

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