Amanda Holden says she's 'brilliant' in bed

Amanda Holden says she's 'brilliant' in bed credit:Bang Showbiz
Amanda Holden says she's 'brilliant' in bed credit:Bang Showbiz

Amanda Holden says she is "brilliant" in bed.

The 51-year-old TV star revealed that her husband Chris Hughes has no complaints about their sex life, in a chat with pal Alan Carr.

In a clip for their new show 'The Italian Job', Alan asked Amanda what she is like in bed and she replied: "I'm brilliant apparently."

She added: "Of course I'm going to say that!"

However, Alan then clarified he was asking if she was restless and moved around in bed and said: "No, I mean, I mean."

Meanwhile, Amanda previously revealed that Chris - who she married in 2008 - can't keep his hands off her and wants sex all the time.

She said in 2021: "He can't keep his hands off me. I actually tell him off because I say, 'I don't want to have a kiss and a grope while I'm trying to load the dishwasher'.

"Chrispy's up for it any time. Always. So it's when I decide. Poor chap!"

And, Amanda likes to spice things up at home for Chris when she can.

She said: "It's absolutely par for the course for me to be walking around with no clothes on in our house.

"I was quite literally the Naked Chef. I got out of the shower, realised I was running late to get everything on the table so I didn't bother to get dressed.

"I just raced downstairs, got the potatoes on, the meat in the oven and my veggie option. It definitely made it more interesting."