Amanda Holden shut down rumours of feud with Holly Willoughby

Amanda Holden has denied being involved in a feud with Holly Willoughby.

The Britain's Got Talent judge took to Instagram on Thursday morning to shut down a report about her and Holly's "toxic feud".

"The story in The Sun today about Holly and I is completely made up, full of contradictions and just utter rubbish," her lengthy statement began. "Sadly strong and intelligent women have for far too long been pitted against one other when we should all be celebrated in our own right.

"The 'rift' story now circulating as a result of this article - which I have woken up to this morning and was not checked for factual correctness - simply does not exist. There have been some huge assumptions made this week and everyone has feasted on them."

The 52-year-old then called out the double standard between the way tabloids report on male and female celebrities.

"These type of articles need to stop. The language around women (in most pieces I read every day) is laughable. It's so different to how men are written about. Women are still expected to say nothing, suffer silently and just get on with it. And we do... mostly," she wrote.

Earlier this week, Amanda was accused of mocking Holly and her speech about the Phillip Schofield scandal on This Morning. Amanda posted a video in which she wore a similar white dress and asked her viewers if they were OK, a line from Holly's monologue.

The TV personality's spokesperson shut down the claims in a statement to Metro, saying, "Amanda has always made it clear in the past she has no issues with Holly. Today’s video has been taken out of context."