Amazing actor reincarnations

Everybody wants to look younger. That's just a fact. But it seems Hollywood has found the answer. Just use new, younger actors. Genius. With recent pictures emerging of Josh Brolin looking remarkably like a youthful Tommy Lee Jones in the upcoming 'Men in Black 3', we take a look at the best examples of casting agents successfully doing their jobs and picking great actors to replicate their seniors.

Take a look at these.

Eric Olsen / Jim Carrey (Lloyd Christmas)
One of the best slapstick comedies of all time, 'Dumb and Dumber' probably didn't ever need a prequel. But then we would have never seen Eric Olsen's amazing recreation of Lloyd Christmas. Stepping into the 'master of physical comedy' Jim Carrey's shoes must have been daunting, but Olsen's remarkably similar features and same rubber-like face gave him the best chance possible.

Martin Freeman / Ian Holm (Bilbo Baggins)
When Martin Freeman was announced as the new star to play Bilbo Baggins, most people said things like 'What?', 'Why?', and more importantly, 'When?' Fans were more than a little worried that he would ruin yet another childhood classic in the same vein as 'Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy'. However, we don't think he was solely to blame for a fairly shoddy film and with his familiar features, we can't imagine he'll go far wrong (even if he just continues to look bewildered for 90 minutes).

Aaron Himelstein / Mike Myers (Austin Powers)
The first entry from 'Austin Powers' in a two pronged applaud of its casting crew, it seems, that with all crude jokes aside, that movie makers have done one fine job in 'Goldmember'. Recreating what is such a recognisable character in his formative years is no small task and these guys have done it with aplomb. Amicably played by Aaron Himelstein, he certainly looks the part and, even more surprisingly, gets all Austin's characteristics just right… baby.

Josh Zuckerman / Mike Myers (Dr. Evil)
The second example from 'Goldmember' is the young Dr Evil played by Josh Zuckerman. After turning Mike Myers into a sixties hipster and then into a bald, embarrassing bad guy, the crew then had to find an actor to play a teenage Dr. Evil. Talk about getting your money's worth! Superb acting and a pretty decent make-up job led to a double-whammy of youthful faces in a stand out scene from the flick. If only he can use his looks to take over the world.

Jeff East / Christopher Reeve (Superman)
The similarities between Jeff East and Christopher Reeve are just uncanny. Playing the younger version of such an iconic character would be any actor's kryptonite. Unfortunately for Jeff, his vocal cords didn't quite make the cut and had any speaking parts cruelly dubbed over using the original Man of Steel's voice. Added to that, Jeff had to wear a flimsy fake nose which was so poorly applied you could sometimes see the sun shining through it. Keep your perfectly chiselled chin up, Jeff.

Zachary Quinto / Leonard Nimoy (Spock)
From one hugely iconic character to another. Leonard Nimoy simply owned the role of Spock in the hugely popular TV series 'Star Trek' and a host of subsequent films. Step up the brave young Zachary Quinto. After playing the fearsome Sylar in TV series 'Heroes' he donned the famous erect ears for the 2009 reboot of the 'Star Trek' enterprise. Not an easy act to follow. May the force be… dammit!

River Phoenix / Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones)
My, hasn't Harrison Ford aged? He's still got the sexy, smouldering bad boy image he developed in 'Star Wars', but really? Wow. Having been the only actor from 'Star Wars' really to go on and make it big in Hollywood, younger Indian Jones, River Phoenix, must have hoped to follow suit. Sadly, in 1993 Phoenix died of a drug overdose on the sidewalk outside the West Hollywood nightclub the Viper Room.

Mayim Bialik / Bette Midler (Cecilia 'CC' Carol Bloom)
The synopsis of 'Beaches' follows a cynical, struggling entertainer Cecilia Bloom (Midler) eho shares a share a turbulent, but strong childhood friendship with privileged rich debutante over the years. Even though it sounds even worse than 'Burlesque', it does have a moment of glory when you look at this extraordinary bit of casting. Mayim Bialik has such a great resemblance to the singer/actor/comedian that she could have been taken right from an old photo of Bette Midler.

Geena Davis / Lynn Cartwright  (Dottie Hinson)
This was a kind of chicken and egg scenario. As the more famous actress was playing the younger model, we weren't quite sure which way round to put the pictures. It doesn't really matter though as you can quite easily see just how uncannily alike the two actresseslook. They both play Dottie Hinson in 'A League of Their Own' alongside Tom Hanks.

And finally we must look to the future! With the new 'Bill and Ted' movie confirmed and Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter set to time travel back to the past, casting directors must surely be on a lookout for a youthful looking Keanu… but who could fill the spot?

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