Amazing Images Show Leonard Nimoy’s Last Time As Spock

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Mr. Spock was the role that defined Leonard Nimoy’s career, and photos from his final appearance as the classic ‘Star Trek’ character prove: it was a role the actor loved to play.

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These incredible images from the behind the scenes of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ capture the last time the star would be transformed into the Vulcan Starfleet officer. 


His final time as Spock came in JJ Abrams’ 2013 sequel, where he appeared alongside the new cast including Zachary Quinto who plays the young Spock in the new films.

"Getting the look right [for Spock] is a task," explains Nimoy in this extra from the film’s Blu-ray. “It’s not as easy as just putting it on. The ears have to be shaped in a certain way, and the eyebrows [too].”


"What’s great for me as an actor is sitting in the chair and watching the face take hold and you see the character growing in the mirror. It’s exciting."

Nimoy first played the logical Vulcan in the 1965 ‘Star Trek’ pilot ‘The Cage’. He was one of the few actors asked to return for the commissioned show which he appeared in from 1966-1969.


He then played the character again in 8 feature films, 2 of which he directed, and was the only original cast member offered a role in JJ Abrams’ 2 reboot films.

In the clip Quinto reveals that Nimoy nearly didn’t return for ‘Into Darkness’, but Abrams convinced him otherwise.


Above: Nimoy and Zachary Quinto

"[Leonard] has become a powerful influence in my life and a great friend and mentor," says Quinto.

"It was an extension of our friendship that he got to come back [for ‘Into Darkness’]. He was not going to ever do it again and then JJ has that power of persuasion so back he was."


Above: JJ Abrams survey’s Nimoy’s transformation into Spock

Spock Prime - as the older version of the character is known in the films - only had a small but pivotal part to play in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, appearing via video link to offer advice to his younger self (above). 

Leonard Nimoy died last week aged 83. A private funeral was held in Los Angeles over the weekend.

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Image credit: Paramount/YouTube

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