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Amazing Spider-Man 2: Pre-CG Rhino spotted on set

Paul Giamatti suits up to play the hulking supervillain.

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man just can't keep himself out of trouble… and as filming continues, Paul Giamatti takes to an enormous pre-CG suit for his take on the Rhino. Have a look below.

Monstrous... Giamatti's pre-CG Rhino (Credit: Splash)

Car-nage... Rhino on police car (Credit: Splash)If you thought Peter Parker had enough on his plate in 'The Amazing Spider-Man', it looks as though he's in for an even rougher ride as the sequel sees him up against not one, but two super villains. Of course, we've all seen the photos of Jamie Foxx taking to Times Square as Spider-Man's hooded (and incredibly creepy-looking) nemesis. But it seems that one bad guy just wasn't enough… as Paul Giamatti causes a ruckus on set as the indomitable Rhino.

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Taking to twitter, director Marc Webb revealed the "Park Avenue showdown"… and it seems that Paul Giamatti has suited up for a spectacular scene with Andrew Garfield's Spidey.

We also dug up this weird snap from the set that sees the Rhino literally caught with his pants down.

Brief encounter... Spidey battles villain (Splash)

Bizarre... unorthodox fight scene (Credit: Splash) Giamatti stars in the highly-anticipated sequel as one of Spider-Man's dimmest foes… but don't let his lack of intellegence fool you - he's still a force to be reckoned with. And if the sheer bulk of his pre-CG costume is anything to go by, I'd say we're in for some incredible scenes as he ploughs his way through the streets in a showdown with the young web-slinger.

With both superhuman strength and speed (as well as a highly-resistant protective suit), this classic Spider-Man villain brings a hefty dose of violence to balance the more intellectually dominant Electro. But how will these two villains work on screen?

The first pictures of these classic comic-book villains are promising to say the least… and while we have no idea how the Rhino will eventually look on screen, it's certainly a step in the right direction. And with Paul Giamatti inside that enormous Rhino suit, I can't help feeling they've cast exactly the right man for the job.

What do you think of these two iconic Spider-Man villains? Which foe do you think poses the greatest threat?