Amber Midthunder reveals surprising 'Prey' action scene she enjoyed most

Amber Midthunder has revealed the action scene she is most proud of in new Predator movie Prey — and it's not the one you'd expect.

The Legion star leads the cast of director Dan Trachtenberg's film, which follows a Comanche tribe who are both hunters and hunted when a Predator arrives on Earth close to their home.

Midthunder plays Naru — a young woman hoping to prove herself as a capable hunter — who sees her opportunity when the biggest beast any of them have ever seen shows up.

Prey will stream exclusively on Disney+ from 5 August.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: Was there a moment during the filming where you did a scene or a moment, and you went, OK, now I look like a bad ass.

AMBER MIDTHUNDER: Ironically, the story that we keep talking about is really, like, not a big moment at all. But in the shooting, it really felt like a big moment because it was like, my hands were bound. And it was kind of this moment of like, OK, well, how do you-- it was like, I had to, like, get out of the thing to do anything.

And I was like, well, how do I get my hands untied? And we were talking about that. And Dan was like, I don't know. It just needs something. Like, something needs to happen. And we were like, OK. And I was like, well, can I flip it?

And he was like, do you, like, lean back on it somehow? Like, what do you do? And I was like, I don't know. I was flipping it and flipping it. And I just, like, happened to flip it and do it perfectly. And I was like, oh, we'll just do that.

And then, of course when we go to shoot it-- and like, every time it falls to my side or hit me in the face, or just something stupid would happen. And he was like, you know what? Maybe we should-- we'll figure something out. And I was like, no, no, no, I got it. And he was like, OK. And we went.

And that was, like, the last tape where we got it perfect. And he was like, that was the only one that we needed. And it was this big victory moment. And of course, it's like 0.5 seconds in the actual movie. But [INAUDIBLE]. That one really felt like-- he describes it very as, like-- somehow it was a big thing. But yeah, it was just-- but that would happen all the time, just like, OK, can you kick it into your hand?

Can we throw it up in the air and catch it? OK, no that's too much. What about-- we'll do that here. So yeah, it was a lot of just figuring out when to make something really cool, and when it was most important to be dynamic, and when it was most important to just be, like, efficient.

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