‘Who Is America?’: Read the Letter Sacha Baron Cohen Wrote to the Nicest Person He’s Tricked So Far

Not many people featured in “Who Is America?” have acquitted themselves well, but Christy Cones came across better than most. The fine-art consultant sat down with “Rick Sherman,” one of the many alter-egos created by Sacha Baron Cohen for his new Showtime series, the discuss the “art” he’d made with his feces — and was surprisingly kind to him. Now, Cones has shared the letter she received from Sherman about her appearance on the show.

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“Im the English bloke what come into you’re picture shop last year to show you the art I done when I was in the nick,” the handwritten letter begins. “I want to say how lovely it was to meet you, I hope your well and staying out of trouble. As for me, I told you I had only ever done one thing wrong, just 14 times. Well you can make it 15 now HAHAHA! Meaning that after a bit of time outside painting oil on canvas, Im now back in HMP Belmarsh painting feces on plaster again! Anyway, say la vie!” The full letter can be read below in its bizarre entirety.

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Cones appears to have taken the incident in stride, telling Vulture that “art and satire, it hurts. I just wish everybody would quit taking themselves so seriously.”



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